A&M publish Herb Alpert’s album : ‘S.R.O.’ recorded with the Tijuana Brass (1966)

Herb Alpert‘s ‘S.R.O.’ is her seventh album recorded with the Tijuana Brass and released in November 1966 by A&M


A&M publish Herb Alpert’s album : ‘S.R.O.’ recorded with the Tijuana Brass (1966)

1 . The Work Song (1966)

2 . Mame And Palace Medley (1966)

3 . Mame (1967)

4 . Mame (w/ Louis Armstrong)

Track Listing : 1.Our Day Will Come (Mort Garson, Bob Hilliard) – 02:21 . 2.Mexican Road Race (Sol Lake) – 02:30 . 3.I Will Wait For You (Michel Legrand) – 03:15 . 4.Bean Bag (John Pisano, Julius Wechter, Herb Alpert) – 01:58 . 5.The Wall Street Rag (Ervan Coleman) – 02:25 . 6.The Work Song (Nat Adderley, Oscar Brown, Jr.) – 02:10 . 7.Mame (Jerry Herman) – 02:08 . 8.Blue Sunday (Julius Wechter) – 02:49 . 9.Don’T Go Breaking My Heart (Burt Bacharach, Hal David) – 02:38 . 10.For Carlos (John Pisano, Nick Ceroli, Herb Alpert) – 02:46 . 11.Freight Train Joe (John Pisano) – 02:37 . 12.Flamingo (Ted Grouya, Edmond Anderson) – 02:25

Musicians : Herb Alpert – Trumpet . Tijuana Brass – Band . Nick Ceroli – Drums . Bob Edmondson – Trombone . Tonni Kalash – Trumpet . Lou Pagani – Piano . John Pisano – Guitar . Pat Senatore – Bass . Julius Wechter – Marimba, Vibes

Production : Produced By Herb Alpert, Jerry Moss

Recorded 1966.

Released In November 1966 By .

(Source Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass – S.R.O. | Official Website)


SandyMc @ RateYourMusic
Admittedly a mix of cheeky cheeriness, swingin’ grooves and tasteful slow numbers, still the arrangements are meticulously crafted, in keeping with the creative spirit of the times, with a few wild cards such as sound-effects etc thrown in. […]

Sure, the arrangements are very tightly knit and don’t allow much room for spontaneity, but they still sound fresh and uninhibitedand Alpert often allows the flavor of jazz to come through more clearly. Indeed, two of the album’s three hit singles, “The Work Song” and “Flamingo,” are jazz tunes […]

W. J. Bernardi @ Amazon
This has always been my favorite Tijuana Brass album, mainly because it was the jazziest of the group’s repetoire. Herb Alpert even takes a nice trumpet solo on the opener “Our Day Will Come”, which unfortunately suffers from a bit of tape distortion in the first minute. But you quickly forget about that little flaw. […]


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