Herbie Hancock records his twenty-sixth album : ‘The Piano’ in Japan (1978)

Herbie Hancock‘s ‘The Piano’ is his twenty-sixth album recorded on October 25–26, 1978 and released in 1979 by Columbia.


Herbie Hancock records his twenty-sixth album : ‘The Piano’ in Japan (1978)

1 . Sonrisa

2 . Someday My Prince Will Come (w/ Chick Corea, 1974)

Track Listing : 1.My Funny Valentine (Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart) – 07:41 . 2.On Green Dolphin Street (Bronislaw Kaper, Ned Washington) – 03:20 . 3.Some Day My Prince Will Come (Frank Churchill, Larry Morey) – 04:37 . 4.Harvest Time (Herbie Hancock) – 04:47 . 5.Sonrisa (Herbie Hancock) – 03:44 . 6.Manhattan Island (Herbie Hancock) – 03:56 . 7.Blue Otani (Herbie Hancock) – 03:24

Kazumi Kurigami

Musicians : Herbie Hancock – Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals

Production : Produced By David Rubinson, Herbie Hancock . Fred Catero – Engineer, Mixing . Mikio Takamatsu – Mastering

Package : Yusaku Nakanishi – Art Direction . Akira Aimi – Photography . Kazumi Kurigami asterisques RVM – Cover Photo

Recorded October 25–26, 1978 At  In Japan.

Released 1979 By Columbia.

(Source Herbie Hancock – The Piano | The Official Site)

Herbie Hancock


The Piano is a rich, vivid sonic documentation of an individual piano at a specific moment in a particular acoustic space in the hands of a special artist. […]

Studdabaker2 @ RateYourMusic
The greatest time to play the album is when you are alone at night in the houseand there is nobody to talk to on the phone. Plus, the best way to fully enjoy the album is on a good, strong home stereo system, because the album was specifically recorded for that kind of sound. […]

All About Jazz
What endures though are the simple pleasures of The Piano , the feelings of a personal, private elegance—an artist at his core, engaged not with toil of his latest masterwork, but merely indulging his noble penchants. […]


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