Herbie Hancock records ‘Speak Like a Child’ produced By Duke Pearson (1968)

Herbie Hancock‘s ‘Speak Like a Child’ is his sixth album recorded on March 6 and 9, 1968 and released the same year by Blue Note.


Herbie Hancock records  ‘Speak Like a Child’ produced By Duke Pearson (1968)

Track Listing : 1.Riot (Herbie Hancock) – 04:40 . 2.Speak Like A Child (Herbie Hancock) – 07:50 . 3.First Trip (Ron Carter)- 06:01 . 4.Toys (Herbie Hancock) – 05:52 . 5.Goodbye To Childhood (Herbie Hancock) – 07:06 . 6.The Sorcerer (Herbie Hancock) – 05:36

Musicians : Herbie Hancock – Piano . Ron Carter – Bass . Mickey Roker – Drums . Jerry Dodgion – Alto Flute Except(3) . Thad Jones – Flugelhorn Except(3) . Peter Phillips – Bass Trombone Except(3)

Production : Produced By Duke Pearson . Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer

Package : Nat Hentoff – Liner Notes . David Bythewood – Photography

Recorded On March 6 And 9, 1968 At Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs.

Released In 1968 By Blue Note.

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Herbie Hancock‘s ‘Speak Like a Child’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]’ />


More to the point it spotlights a particularly emotive Hancock on the eve of his own transformation, looking backwards over the preceding decade with no small melancholy. […]

But the key to Speak Like a Child is in Hancock’s graceful, lyrical playing and compositions, which are lovely on the surface and provocative and challenging upon closer listening. […]

If you like really good piano playingand who doesn’t, Herbie is at the peak of his game here. His inventive chord substitutions, lush harmonies, precise rhythms and ability to focus and build long solos put him at the very top in the world of jazz fusion and progressive rock pianists. This album is one of a kind, abstract futuristic lounge music for hipsters in any era, even ones still to come. […]


Herbie Hancock records  ‘Speak Like a Child’ produced By Duke Pearson (1968)

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Herbie Hancock‘s ‘Speak Like a Child’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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