Hip-Hop & Soul New Music Videos – N°462

Here are the brand new worldwide hip-hop, soul, etc. songs that caught, these past days, our aural interest and visual liking. Beware (very possibly) NSFW

50 . Busta Rhymes – Homage (w/ Kodak Black)

Date Added : Apr 26,2024

Trevor George Smith Jr., widely known as Busta Rhymes, is a multifaceted American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor, acclaimed for his rapid lyrical flow, which has earned him 12 Grammy nominations.

Touch It (Remix)  (2009)

49 . Chance The Rapper – Buried Alive

Date Added : Apr 26,2024

Chance the Rapper, from Chicago, broke through with “Acid Rap” in 2013. His “Coloring Book” mixtape in 2016 was the first streaming-only album to win a Grammy. Known for his philanthropy, he donated $1 million to Chicago schools in 2017.
Music video directed by : Chance The Rapper

Child Of God (2022)

48 . Chronic Law – Price Rite

Date Added : Apr 26,2024

Akeeme Campbell, better known as Chronic Law, is a Deejay/Singjay straight out of Jamaica’s east side. Born on December 17, 1993, he’s a fresh voice in the dancehall scene, known for his gritty authenticity.

Selfish (2023)

47 . Malie Donn – Dark & Corrupt

Date Added : Apr 26,2024

Jamaican Dancehall/Reggae artist Malie Donn, real name Kimalie Hylton, emerged from Spanish Town with tracks like “Another Brick” and “Cruise.” His music reflects his experiences and the dancehall rhythm, earning him a spot among trending young artists.

Spell (2023)

46 . KeBlack – Boucan (w/ Franglish)

Date Added : Apr 26,2024

KeBlack, born Cédric Matéta Nkomi in 1992 in Creil, France, rose with “J’ai déconné” in 2015. His 2017 album “Premier étage” went gold, highlighted by “Bazardée.” His follow-up, “Appartement 105,” was released in 2018.
Music video directed by : Artduclip

Bazardée (2017)

45 . Gucci Mane – Takedat

Date Added : Apr 25,2024

Gucci Mane, born Radric Delantic Davis, stands as a colossus in trap music, emerging with “Trap House” in 2005 and later cementing his status with “The State vs. Radric Davis” in 2009, then later with “Everybody Looking” in 2016.

 I Get The Bag (2017)

44 . Brysco, Rajahwild & Jiggy D – Muk

Date Added : Apr 25,2024

Jamaican dancehall artist Brysco, known for tracks like “Code” and “10th Floor,” debuted in 2020 with “Predator.” Collaborating with Tommy Lee on “Freeway,” he’s drawn inspiration from artists like Skeng, amassing over 13 million YouTube views and valuing his mother’s influence.
Music video directed by : Lagikzsupreme

Freeway (W/ Tommy Lee Sparta) (2022)

43 . Skilla Baby – Free Big Meech

Date Added : Apr 25,2024

Skilla Baby, real name Trevon Gardner, born in 1998 in Detroit, Michigan, is known for his 2019 album “Push That Shit Out Skilla.” His association with Sada Baby has bolstered his reputation in Detroit’s hip-hop scene, with tracks like “Trevon” highlighting his experiences and local culture.

Tay B Style (W/ Tay B, Sada Baby & Ewm Buck) (2023)

42 . TEC – What’s Da Solution

Date Added : Apr 25,2024

TEC, a Baton Rouge rapper born on August 31, 1993, emerged with “Spider Nation” alongside Maine Musik. Known for his lyrical depth and collaborations, he returned to the scene with 2020’s projects “Web Live Vol. 2” and “8 Legged Explosive” after a hiatus.
Music video directed by : Clifford Edwards

This Feeling (2022)

41 . Rick Ross – Champagne Moments

Date Added : Apr 24,2024

Rick Ross, real name William Leonard Roberts II, born 1976, launched his music career with the hit “Hustlin'” in 2006. His albums, including “Port of Miami” and “God Forgives, I Don’t,” topped the U.S. Billboard 200. He founded Maybach Music Group, releasing works by artists like Wale and Meek Mill.

Hustlin’ (2010)

40 . K-Trap – Old School Era

Date Added : Apr 24,2024

K-Trap, born Devonte Perkins in 1995, is a UK drill artist from London. His albums include “Street Side Effects,” reaching No. 26 on the UK Albums Chart. He has collaborated with Headie One, enhancing his presence in the UK drill scene. His mixtape “Strength to Strength” reached No. 4 on the UK Albums Chart.Song featured on the album : Smile?

Warm (2022)

39 . Samara – Smile

Date Added : Apr 24,2024

Tunisian rapper Samara addresses socio-political themes in songs like “Me Dayem Welou,” which has garnered nearly 73 million YouTube views. His music, including tracks “El Mondo” and “Ma3lich,” offers candid critiques of Tunisian society.
Music video directed by : Khalil El Moujahed – Song featured on the album : Trafiquant Album

G13 (W/ A.L.A & Balti, Sanfara, Nordo, Jenjoon, Kaso, Blingos, Mr Sina, Tati) (2023)

38 . Sidhu Moose Wala & Sunny Malton – 410

Date Added : Apr 24,2024

Sidhu Moose Wala, born Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu in 1993, was a Punjabi artist known for blending gangsta rap and Punjabi pop. His album “PBX 1” won Best Album at the 2019 Brit Asia TV Music Awards. His work includes hits like “So High” and stirred controversy with its lyrical content.
Music video directed by : Savvy Singh, Preet Chahal & Jyothi Tatter

Goat (W/ Jumana Khan) (2022)

37 . Osamason – Freestyle

Date Added : Apr 23,2024

OsamaSon, real name Amari Middleton, born May 20, 2005, in Ohio, released “Osama Season” in 2023. His music, characterized by a “maximalist rage” style, includes tracks like “Werkin” and “Kutta.” Signed to Atlantic Records, he released “Flex Musix” in 2023 and a deluxe version “FLXTRA” in 2024.
Music video directed by : Walker Andrews

Trenches (2023)

36 . C Blu, Nay Benz & Yagi B – Purgin

Date Added : Apr 23,2024

C Blu, born Camrin Williams on June 6, 2005, in the Bronx, New York, is known for the EP “The Blue Wave” and singles like “No Ozone.” His music primarily features elements of Bronx drill and hip-hop. Collaborations with artists such as Set Da Trend are notable aspects of his career.

Blu Bop (2022)

35 . Gloss Up – Ride Home (w/ Jacquees)

Date Added : Apr 23,2024

Born Jerrica Russell, Gloss Up, Memphis’ hip-hop sensation, sparked her music journey at seven. With hits like “Glitter Girl,” her YouTube launch in 2015 propelled her to collaborate with stars like GloRilla, creating a vibrant social media presence.

Bestfrenn (W/ Glorilla) (2022)

34 . Mozzy – Red Nose Bully

Date Added : Apr 23,2024

American rapper Mozzy from Sacramento made waves with his 2015 album “Bladadah.” Known for reflecting his upbringing in his music, he’s collaborated across hip-hop and is signed with CMG, Interscope Records, and Blackmarket Records, contributing deeply to West Coast hip-hop.

Sleep Walkin (2017)

33 . AJ Tracey – Joga Bonito

Date Added : Apr 22,2024

British rapper AJ Tracey, from West London, gained fame in 2016 and released his debut mixtape “Didn’t Make the Cut” in 2012. Known for his diverse genre-spanning music, including the hit “Butterflies,” his 2019 self-titled debut album featured the successful single “Ladbroke Grove.”
Music video directed by : Latemilk

 Ladbroke Grove (2019)

32 . Icewear Vezzo – Cheesecake

Date Added : Apr 22,2024

Detroit rapper Icewear Vezzo, founder of Iced Up Records, is known for his “Clarity” and “Rich Off Pints” series. Starting with Green Guyz, he’s been a solo artist since 2012.

Tear The Club Up (W/ Future) (2021)

31 . Lola Brooke – Neighborhood Hero

Date Added : Apr 22,2024

Lola Brooke, born Shyniece Thomas, emerged from Brooklyn with “Don”t Play with It” in 2021, catching viral fame. Signed with Arista Records in 2023, she released “Dennis Daughter.” Influenced by Meek Mill to Lil’ Kim, her music blends raw hip-hop with her unique Brooklyn essence.Song featured on the album : Dennis Daughter Deluxe

Don’T Play With It (W/ Billy B) (2021)

30 . Potter Payper & M Huncho – Two Wise Men

Date Added : Apr 22,2024

British rapper Potter Payper, born November 15, 1990, in London, is known for his “Training Day” mixtape series and chart success with “Gangsteritus.” Overcoming legal challenges, he signed with Def Jam UK in 2021, marking a new chapter in his career.

When I Was Little (2020)

29 . RK – Coffio

Date Added : Apr 22,2024

RK, born Ryad Kartoum in 2001 in Meaux, France, is a rapper whose albums include “Insolent” (2018), “Rêves de Gosse” (2019), and “Neverland” (2020). He collaborates with artists like Maes and SCH, addressing themes from French suburban life. His work has received multiple gold and platinum certifications.

Lola (2023)

28 . Logic – 44ever

Date Added : Apr 21,2024

Logic, born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He gained fame with mixtapes like “Psychological – Logic: The Mixtape” and studio albums like “Everybody” and “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.” Logic‘s versatility extends to writing novels (“Supermarket”) and memoirs (“This Bright Future”).
Music video directed by : Henry Smisek & Jt Clemente

All I Do (2011)

27 . Headie One – Cry No More (w/ Stormzy)

Date Added : Apr 21,2024

Headie One, born Irving Ampofo Adjei in 1994, is a leading UK drill artist from Tottenham, London. His notable works include “18Hunna” (feat. Dave) and the album “Edna,” which topped the UK charts. He’s part of OFB, has collaborated with Stormzy, AJ Tracey, and Drake, and received a Brits Billion Award in 2023 for surpassing 1 billion UK streams.

50’S (2019)

26 . Doja Cat – Demons [Coachella 2024]

Date Added : Apr 21,2024

Doja Cat, born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, is an American artist known for blending hip hop, pop, R&B, and electronic music. Her viral hit “Mooo!” and albums like “Hot Pink” have garnered critical acclaim. She won a Grammy and several other awards. Notable for “Say So,” Doja Cat promotes veganism and animal rights.

Say So (2020)

25 . Tee Grizzley – Suffer In Silence

Date Added : Apr 21,2024

Hailing from Detroit’s west side, Tee Grizzley, born Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr., a no-holds-barred American rapper, burst onto the scene with his raw debut single “First Day Out” in 2016, after his release from prison.

First Day Out (2017)

24 . Otyken & Xzibit – Belief [Remix]

Date Added : Apr 21,2024

Siberian group Otyken, founded by Andrey Medonos, fuses pop with traditional folk, using instruments like the komuz and igil. They promote Chulym folklore and languages, with albums like “Kykakacha,” representing diverse Siberian ethnicities and preserving ancient musical traditions.

Legend (2022)

23 . Pozer – Malicious Intentions

Date Added : Apr 21,2024

Pozer is an English drill rapper.

22 . Cochise – Jackpot

Date Added : Apr 19,2024

Cochise, known for his unique blend of rap influenced by reggae and hip-hop, credits artists like Tyler, The Creator for inspiring his individuality. His music incorporates his Caribbean heritage, evident in his viral collaboration on “Let A Nigga Smash.”

Tell Em (W/ $Not) (2021)

21 . Rimkus – Danger (w/ Ninho)

Date Added : Apr 19,2024

Rimkus, a French rap artist, rose to prominence with his 2020 album “Mauvais Djo.” His single “Enfant Soldat” is his most streamed track. Known for merging deep lyrics with energetic beats.
Music video directed by : Black Anouar – Song featured on the album : Fracturé

En Perte (2022)

20 . Clavish – 10th Floor (w/ Potter Payper)

Date Added : Apr 19,2024

Clavish, a UK rapper, gained recognition with his 2023 mixtape “Rap Game Awful,” peaking at number 4 on the UK Albums Chart. His single “Rocket Science” reached number 9 on the UK Singles Chart.Song featured on the album : Chapter 16 – Mixtape

Traumatised (2023)

19 . Big Sad 1900 – Therapy 4

Date Added : Apr 19,2024

Big Sad 1900, an American hip hop artist from Los Angeles, debuted with “No Hooks” in 2019. His 2021 album “Gang Ties” reflects his community ties.

Therapy 3 (2023)

18 . Timaya & Tiwa Savage – In My Head

Date Added : Apr 19,2024

Nigerian artist Timaya, born Inetimi Alfred Odon, gained fame with his debut album “True Story” in 2007, featuring the hit “Dem Mama.” He’s known for his dancehall and afrobeat fusion. Timaya founded DM Records Limited, nurturing talents like Patoranking. Nominated for a Grammy in 2018.

Cold Outside (W/ Buju) (2021)

17 . Ruger, Bnxn – Poe

Date Added : Apr 19,2024

Nigerian Afrobeats artist Ruger launched his career with the single “One Shirt” in 2021. His EPs “Pandemic” and “The Second Wave” featured hits like “Bounce” and “Dior,” achieving widespread success.

Girlfriend (2023)

16 . Tha Dogg Pound, Snoop Dogg – Smoke Up

Date Added : Apr 18,2024

Tha Dogg Pound, formed in 1992 in Long Beach, California, features rappers Kurupt and Daz Dillinger. They debuted on “The Chronic” (1992) and “Doggystyle” (1993). Their album “Dogg Food” (1995) achieved double platinum and featured hits like “Let’s Play House.”

What Would You Do? (W/ Snoop Doggy Dogg) (2018)

15 . Future, Metro Boomin – Drink N Dance

Date Added : Apr 18,2024

Future, born Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, is a Grammy-winning American rapper from Atlanta. Starting with mixtapes like “Dirty Sprite,” his albums “DS2” and “HNDRXX” hit number one on Billboard 200. Future‘s work, including collaborations with Drake.
Music video directed by : Loris Russier – Song featured on the album : We Still Don’T Trust You

712Pm (2023)

14 . Chief Keef & Mike Will Made-It – Damn Shorty (w/ Sexyy Red)

Date Added : Apr 18,2024

Known as a drill music pioneer,Chief Keef, born Keith Farrelle Cozart, gained fame with “I Don’t Like,” leading to a remix by Kanye West and a contract with Interscope Records. His debut album, “Finally Rich,” features collaborations with 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa.

Love Sosa (2012)

13 . Umer Anjum – Walk A Mile

Date Added : Apr 18,2024

Pakistani rapper Umer Anjum emerged in 2020 with the EP “Against All Odds.” His style blends alternative rap with introspective lyrics, with “Where U At?” being his notable single.
Music video directed by : Mohammad Mohtashim

Fun Fact (2023)

12 . Rod Wave – Numb

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

Rodarius Marcell Green, known as Rod Wave, born August 27, 1999, in St. Petersburg, Florida, rose to fame with “Heart On Ice.” His albums “Ghetto Gospel” and “Pray 4 Love” charted in the Billboard 200’s top 10, with “SoulFly” reaching number one in 2021.

By Your Side (2022)

11 . Shallipopi – Asap

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

Crown Uzama, performing as Shallipopi, born in 2000 in Nigeria, hit number one on Nigeria’s Apple Music chart with “Elon Musk.” His 2023 album “Presido La Pluto” also topped charts, showcasing his blend of rap, afrobeats, and pop, quickly rising to fame with a distinct sound.

Elon Musk (2023)

10 . mgk, Trippie Redd – Time Travel

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

mgk a.k.a. Machine Gun Kelly, born Colson Baker, is an American artist known for his versatility in hip hop, pop-punk, and alternative rock. His debut album “Lace Up” featured the triple-platinum hit “Wild Boy.” MGK transitioned to pop-punk with “Tickets to My Downfall,” which debuted atop the Billboard 200.
Music video directed by : Sam Cahill

Bloody Valentine (2020)

9 . DaBoii & Skilla Baby – Free Daboii

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

Wayman Barrow, aka DaBoii, born August 14, 1997, in Vallejo, California, co-founded the rap group SOB X RBE. Known for the track “Paramedic!” on the Black Panther soundtrack, he also pursued a solo career, maintaining his raw, energetic West Coast rap style.
Music video directed by : Rg Of Img Films

Cole Bennett (W/ Young Slo-Be) (2023)

8 . Meek Mill – Came From The Bottom

Date Added : Apr 16,2024

Robert Rihmeek Williams, known as Meek Mill, born May 6, 1987, in Philadelphia, made waves with “Dreams and Nightmares” in 2012. Facing legal challenges, he co-founded Reform Alliance in 2019. His documentary “Free Meek” highlights his activism. Albums like “Championships” showcase his gritty narratives, earning him critical acclaim and Grammy nominations.Song featured on the album : Heathenism

God Did (2022)

7 . Finesse2Tymes – Letter To The Devil

Date Added : Apr 16,2024

Finesse2Tymes, born Ricky Hampton in 1992, in Memphis, is known for his mixtape “Hustle & Flow” and tracks like “Like Me” and “Going Straight.” Despite legal challenges, including a significant prison sentence, he has maintained a notable presence in the industry while collaborating with prominent artists like Gucci Mane and Moneybagg Yo​.

Back End (2022)

6 . Bushi – Batman

Date Added : Apr 16,2024

Bushi, also known as Killian Zorobabel or Bu$hi, is a French rapper born on February 4, 2000, in Lyon, France. He uses the SoundCloud username buhi-scmusic.
Music video directed by : Bushi &Pan Exr

Parachute (2023)

5 . Medikal & Sarkodie – We Made It

Date Added : Apr 16,2024

Ghanaian hip-hop artist Medikal, real name Samuel Adu Frimpong, has released albums like “Disturbation” (2017) and “The Plug EP” (2019). Winner of several awards including Hiplife/Hiphop Artist of the Year at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.Song featured on the album : Planning & Plotting

Kabutey Flow (2023)

4 . Nhance – Tonight

Date Added : Apr 15,2024

Jamaican artist Nhance, born Kenneil Lawrence, channels personal struggles into emotionally rich music. Breaking into the scene in 2020, his tracks like “Monster” resonate on social media, reflecting his ambition for international acclaim and guided by the support of his musical mother, Sheba.

Monster (2023)

3 . Paul Wall – Covered In Ice (w/ That Mexican OT)

Date Added : Apr 15,2024

Paul Wall, born Paul Michael Slayton in 1981 in Houston, Texas, is known for his Southern rap style. His 2005 debut album, “The Peoples Champ,” hit number one on the Billboard charts. Notable singles include “Still Tippin’,” “Sittin’ Sideways,” and “Grillz.”

Sittin’ Sidewayz (W/ Big Pokey) (2020)

2 . Concrete Boys – Dialed In (w/ Draft Day & Camo!)

Date Added : Apr 15,2024

Formed in 2020 and linked to Lil Yachty, The Concrete Boys, a rap collective, include artists like Draft Day and Camo!. Known for their trap music and viral cypher-style songs such as “MO JAMS,” their anticipated debut project, “It’s Us” Volume 1, showcases their diverse rap styles.

Mo Jams (2023)

1 . Intence – Stuck

Date Added : Apr 15,2024

Born Tashawn Gabbidon, Intence is a Jamaican dancehall artist who rose to fame with his unyielding drive, his raw energy, his catchy rhythms and his innovative fusion of traditional dancehall with contemporary influences.
Music video directed by : Shane Creative

New Gear (2022)

Hip-Hop & Soul New Music Videos – N°462


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