Hip-Hop & Soul New Music Videos – N°465

Here are the brand new worldwide hip-hop, soul, etc. songs that caught, these past days, our aural interest and visual liking. Beware (very possibly) NSFW

54 . Polo G – Angels In The Sky

Date Added : May 31,2024

Polo G, from Chicago, Illinois, blends drill and melodic rap, rising to fame with “Finer Things” and “Pop Out.” Albums “Die a Legend” (2019) and “The Goat” (2020) secured his industry standing.

Rapstar (2021)

53 . Sada Baby – Sdot

Date Added : May 31,2024

Born Casada Aaron Sorrell in Detroit in 1992, Sada Baby, erupted onto the rap scene in 2018 with his viral hits “Bloxk Party,” and “Whole Lotta Choppas,” his 2017 “Skuba Sada” mixtape and the D.O.N – Dat One Nigga release.

Bloxk Party (2008)

52 . Rim’K – Demain

Date Added : May 31,2024

Rim’K, an Algerian-French rapper, emerged from the Parisian suburbs with a significant influence on French rap. A member of 113 and Mafia K-1 Fry, his work includes albums like “L’enfant du pays” and hits like “Air Max.”
Music video directed by : Kamel Gondry & Max 13Studio

Air Max (W/ Ninho) (2018)

51 . RK – Moussa Part. I

Date Added : May 31,2024

RK, born Ryad Kartoum in 2001 in Meaux, France, is a rapper whose albums include “Insolent” (2018), “Rêves de Gosse” (2019), and “Neverland” (2020). He collaborates with artists like Maes and SCH, addressing themes from French suburban life. His work has received multiple gold and platinum certifications.Song featured on the album : Dlpda

Lola (2023)

50 . Yuvan Shankar Raja – Money In The Bank (w/ Ic9 [ankrollsyoung X Sghost])

Date Added : May 31,2024

Yuvan Shankar Raja, born August 31, 1979, in Chennai, India, is a prominent composer and singer-songwriter. Known for “Thulluvadho Ilamai” and “7G Rainbow Colony,” he has composed music for over 100 films. Yuvan introduced hip hop to Tamil cinema and won the Filmfare Award for Best Music Director.
Music video directed by : Abishek Ranganathan

49 . Elinel & Ya Nina – Enemies

Date Added : May 31,2024

Elinel is an Albanian rapper known for blending traditional Albanian elements with contemporary rap. His sharp lyrics and compelling beats have made him a notable figure in the Albanian music scene. Collaborations include various artists within the region.

Rich (W/ Ya Nina) (2023)

48 . Rich The Kid – Band Man

Date Added : May 31,2024

Rich The Kid, born Dimitri Leslie Roger on July 13, 1992, is an American rapper known for hits like “New Freezer” with Kendrick Lamar and “Plug Walk.” His debut album, “The World Is Yours,” was released in 2018. He founded the record label Rich Forever Music.

Plug Walk (2018)

47 . Marques Houston – Last Drop

Date Added : May 30,2024

Marques Houston, an American R&B singer, known for his vocal talents, began his career in the 1990s with the group Immature. His solo debut “MH” (2003) featured hits like “That Girl” and “Naked,” contributing to his versatile career as a singer, songwriter, actor, and producer.

Circle (2010)

46 . Clavish – Last Night In Paris / Vartry Road

Date Added : May 30,2024

Clavish, a UK rapper, gained recognition with his 2023 mixtape “Rap Game Awful,” peaking at number 4 on the UK Albums Chart. His single “Rocket Science” reached number 9 on the UK Singles Chart.
Music video directed by : Samo

Traumatised (2023)

45 . Kranium – Higher Life (w/ Chronic Law)

Date Added : May 30,2024

Kranium, born Kemar Donaldson on August 12, 1993, in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is a reggae and dancehall singer. Known for his hit “Nobody Has to Know” (2013), he signed with Atlantic Records in 2015. His albums include “Rumors” (2015) and “Midnight Sparks” (2019). He has collaborated with Ty Dolla $ign and WizKid.
Music video directed by : Kespey Production – Song featured on the album : Brave

Nobody Has To Know (W/ Ty Dolla $Ign) (2016)

44 . Landy – G8

Date Added : May 30,2024

Landy, born Dylan Sylla Gahoussou on January 1, 1993, in Saint-Denis, France, is a rapper known for tracks like “Cataleya” and “Skalape.” His debut album “Assa Baing” (2019) and second album “A-One” (2020) established his presence in French rap. He has collaborated with Gazo and Tyla Yaweh.

Médusa (2021)

43 . That Mexican OT – Wockhardt (w/ Le$)

Date Added : May 29,2024

That Mexican OT, born Virgil René Gazca in 1999, Texas, blends trap and mariachi in his music. His album “Lonestar Luchador” (2023) features “Johnny Dang”, reaching Billboard Hot 100. He embarked on a 20-city US tour in 2023.
Music video directed by : Dgreenfilmz

Johnny Dang (W/ Paul Wall & Drodi) (2023)

42 . BLP Kosher – Pro Open (w/ Babytron)

Date Added : May 29,2024

American rapper BLP Kosher, real name Benjamin Landy Pavlon, emerged from Deerfield Beach, Florida, in 2021. Known for his mixtape “BLP Kosher and the Magic Dreidel” and album “Bars Mitzvah,” his music uniquely incorporates his Jewish heritage, distinguishing him in the hip-hop scene.

Special K (2023)

41 . Duke Deuce, Yung Bleu – Sweet Tea

Date Added : May 29,2024

Duke Deuce, a Memphis rapper, gained recognition in 2019 with “Crunk Ain’t Dead,” a tribute to crunk music. His debut album “Memphis Massacre” (2020) includes collaborations with Memphis artists and blends traditional Memphis sound with modern rap.

Crunk Aint Dead (2020)

40 . Vybz Kartel – Delores

Date Added : May 29,2024

Jamaican dancehall artist Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Azim Palmer, started his career in 1993. Known for tracks like “Gal Clown,” he gained prominence collaborating with Bounty Killer. His album “King of the Dancehall” (2016) is his most successful international release. Despite controversies and a life sentence for murder, his music continues to be influential.

The Way You Make Me Feel (2016)

39 . Snow Tha Product – Nah

Date Added : May 28,2024

Born June 24, 1987, Snow Tha Product, real name Claudia Alexandra Madriz Meza, is an American rapper from San Jose, California. She debuted with “Unorthodox” in 2011. After gaining recognition, she signed with Atlantic Records. Notable for her rapid-fire rapping and bilingual skills, she has released acclaimed projects like “Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover” and “VIBEHIGHER.” She also acted in “Queen of the South.”

Bilingue (2024)

38 . Reezy – Big Boy Maybach

Date Added : May 28,2024

Reezy, born October 12, 1995, in Frankfurt, Germany, is a rapper and producer known for his album “Teenager Forever” (2019). He gained attention with tracks like “Shooter” and “Phantom,” and collaborates with artists like Bausa and Summer Cem.
Music video directed by : Leeroy

Shoot (2023)

37 . Soprano – Freedom

Date Added : May 28,2024

Soprano, a French rapper born in 1979, emerged from the group Psy 4 de la Rime to a successful solo career. His albums, including 2010’s chart-topping “La Colombe,” and the single “En Feu” have solidified his place in French music.
Music video directed by : Romain Argento

Le Coach (W/ Vincenzo) (2020)

36 . RM – Groin

Date Added : May 28,2024

RM, born Kim Nam-joon in 1994, is the leader of BTS. Known for his deep involvement in BTS’s music, he released solo mixtapes including “RM” (2015). RM stands for “Real Me,” reflecting his musical identity and lyrical depth.
Music video directed by : Pennacky – Song featured on the album : Right Place, Wrong Person

들꽃놀이 (W/ 조유진) (2023)

35 . Chris Brown – Press Me

Date Added : May 27,2024

Chris Brown, born in 1989, in Tappahannock, Virginia, is a famous (for many reasons) American R&B singer, songwriter, and actor.
Music video directed by : Jamar Harding

With You (2007)

34 . Quavo – Clear The Smoke

Date Added : May 27,2024

Quavious Keyate Marshall, known as Quavo, born April 2, 1991, in Athens, Georgia, gained fame as part of Migos. Their 2013 single “Versace” catapulted them into the spotlight, later enhanced by Drake’s remix. Quavo‘s solo album “Quavo Huncho” features artists like Drake and Madonna.

Messy (2022)

33 . Millyz – In The Wind

Date Added : May 27,2024

Millyz, a Cambridge rapper, gained recognition with his “Blanco” series, particularly “Blanco 4”. He’s collaborated with various artists and appeals to a younger audience with tracks like “Himalayas” and “Back to the Money”.
Music video directed by : Nick Sheehan – Song featured on the album : Katrina’S Son

Hlr Blanco (2021)

32 . Icewear Vezzo – From That Way

Date Added : May 27,2024

Detroit rapper Icewear Vezzo, founder of Iced Up Records, is known for his “Clarity” and “Rich Off Pints” series. Starting with Green Guyz, he’s been a solo artist since 2012.
Music video directed by : Diego Cruz

Tear The Club Up (W/ Future) (2021)

31 . Dax – A Real Man

Date Added : May 25,2024

Rising from janitor to viral sensation, Dax, a Nigerian-Canadian poet turned rapper, born Daniel Nwosu Jr. in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, is a versatile creative force melding introspection with musical prowess, poignant storytelling with country music elements​​​​​​​​​​​​.
Music video directed by : Logan Meis

Cash Me Outside (2017)

30 . Upchurch – James Dean

Date Added : May 25,2024

Ryan Upchurch, born May 24, 1991, in Pegram, Tennessee, blends country and rap. His debut EP “Cheatham County” (2015) was followed by the album “Heart of America” (2016). Popular singles include “Holler Boys.” He has collaborated with artists like Luke Combs and released albums like “Son of the South” and “King of Dixie.”
Music video directed by : Alucevision

My Neck Of The Woods (2019)

29 . Fredo Bang – By The Evening

Date Added : May 25,2024

American rapper Fredo Bang, from Baton Rouge, rose to fame with hits like “Top,” overcoming legal challenges to become a prominent figure in hip-hop and trap music.

Top (W/ Lil Durk) (2021)

28 . Jiyo – Coco Chanel

Date Added : May 25,2024

Rap La Rue is a German hip-hop collective featuring artists like Jiyo, Haaland936, Aymen, and Amo. Known for tracks like “Buttercroissant” and “Champions League,” their music blends traditional hip-hop beats with modern influences. They have garnered significant streaming success, notably with over 7 million streams for “Champions League.”

27 . Finesse2Tymes – Mixed Feelings

Date Added : May 25,2024

Finesse2Tymes, born Ricky Hampton in 1992, in Memphis, is known for his mixtape “Hustle & Flow” and tracks like “Like Me” and “Going Straight.” Despite legal challenges, including a significant prison sentence, he has maintained a notable presence in the industry while collaborating with prominent artists like Gucci Mane and Moneybagg Yo​.

Back End (2022)

26 . YG – Weird

Date Added : May 25,2024

YG, an American rapper from Compton, debuted with “Toot It and Boot It” and released the critically acclaimed album “My Krazy Life” in 2014. Known for hits like “My Nigga” and collaborations with Drake, he has been influential in West Coast hip hop.

Sign Language (2022)

25 . Central Cee – Band4Band (w/ Lil Baby)

Date Added : May 24,2024

Central Cee, a British rapper from London, rose to fame in 2020 with hits like “Day in the Life.” His debut mixtape “Wild West” hit the charts in 2021, and “Doja” became his highest-charting song, reflecting his journey from local talent to a global rap phenomenon.
Music video directed by : Wowa

Doja (2022)

24 . Javo Donn – Wuff Wuff

Date Added : May 24,2024

Javo Donn is an American dancehall artist.

100 Million (2021)

23 . Popcaan – Who Is You

Date Added : May 24,2024

Jamaican singer Popcaan, joining Vybz Kartel’s Gaza Music Empire in 2008, gained global recognition with “Clarks.” Signing with Mixpak Records and later with Drake’s OVO Sound, he’s collaborated internationally. His acting debut was in “The Intent 2: The Come Up” in 2018.

Silence (2019)

22 . Tha Dogg Pound – Favorite Color Blue (w/ Stresmatic, Soulcat)

Date Added : May 24,2024

Tha Dogg Pound, formed in 1992 in Long Beach, California, features rappers Kurupt and Daz Dillinger. They debuted on “The Chronic” (1992) and “Doggystyle” (1993). Their album “Dogg Food” (1995) achieved double platinum and featured hits like “Let’s Play House.”
Music video directed by : Dah Dah

What Would You Do? (W/ Snoop Doggy Dogg) (2018)

21 . Intence – Like U

Date Added : May 24,2024

Born Tashawn Gabbidon, Intence is a Jamaican dancehall artist who rose to fame with his unyielding drive, his raw energy, his catchy rhythms and his innovative fusion of traditional dancehall with contemporary influences.
Music video directed by : Shane Creative The Great

New Gear (2022)

20 . Don Toliver – Attitude (w/ Charlie Wilson & Cash Cobain)

Date Added : May 23,2024

Houston’s Don Toliver released “Heaven or Hell” with notable features. Blending rap and R&B, his album “Love Sick” cements his standing, known for his melodious style and collaborations with artists like Kali Uchis.Song featured on the album : Hardstone Psycho

No Idea (2019)

19 . Remble – Not Like Us Freestyle

Date Added : May 23,2024

Remble, a rapper from San Pedro, Los Angeles, gained attention around 2020-2021 with his unique rap style. His debut project “It’s Remble” (2021) features the hit single “Touchable.” He is associated with the Stinc Team.

Touchable (2022)

18 . A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Body (w/ Cash Cobain)

Date Added : May 23,2024

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, born Artist Julius Dubose, broke out with “Artist” in 2016. His albums include “The Bigger Artist” (2017) and “Hoodie SZN” (2018), featuring hits like “Drowning.” “Artist 2.0” was released on Valentine’s Day 2020.

Look Back At It (2019)

17 . Tina [Hoodcelebrityy] – She’s A Fan

Date Added : May 23,2024

Hoodcelebrityy, born Tina Pinnock, is a Jamaican-American artist known for blending reggae, dancehall, and hip-hop. Her breakout single “Walking Trophy” (2017) and EPs “Trap vs. Reggae” (2017) and “Inna Real Life” (2019) gained significant recognition.

Catch It (2022)

16 . T-Pain – On This Hill [Live]

Date Added : May 22,2024

Born in 1984 in Tallahassee, Florida, Faheem Rashad Najm, widely known as T-Pain, is an American rapper, singer and record producer. He has a string of hit singles including his collaboration on Flo Rida’s “Low” that reached diamond status and has won two Grammy Awards.

Bartender (2007)

15 . Diany Dior & Nav – Favorite Lady (w/ Cash Cobain)

Date Added : May 22,2024

Diany Dior, a rapper from the Bronx, New York, has gained attention with tracks like “Favorite Lady” featuring NAV. Signed to CERTZ Entertainment in 2021, her style combines raw rap energy with hip-hop beats, tackling themes of resilience and personal strength. Her music includes “Pack Came In” and “Not My Fault.”
Music video directed by : Qasquiat

14 . Rapsody – Back In My Bag

Date Added : May 22,2024

Rapsody, an American rapper from North Carolina, gained attention as part of Kooley High before going solo and releasing The Idea of Beautiful (2012), gaining prominence after being featured on Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly” (2015), with her albums “Laila’s Wisdom” (2017) and “Eve” (2019) earning Grammy nominations.
Music video directed by : Patrick Lincoln

12 Problems (2021)

13 . DJ Quick & Kalash972 – Code 97

Date Added : May 22,2024

DJ Quick, a Martinique DJ and radio host, is known for his eclectic DJ sets and the radio show “Onde 2 Choc” on Generations FM. He released the compilation album “Onde 2 Choc” in 2023 featuring artists like Couli B and Franglish.
Music video directed by : Nicolas Noël – Song featured on the album : Code 97, Vol. 1

Inévitable (W/ Blasko, Dymé) (2022)

12 . Tyla, Gunna, Skillibeng – Jump

Date Added : May 21,2024

Tyla, a South African songstress from Johannesburg, rose to fame with the hits “Getting Late” and “Water” in 2023.

Getting Late (2021)

11 . Chris Brown – Go Girlfriend

Date Added : May 21,2024

Chris Brown, born in 1989, in Tappahannock, Virginia, is a famous (for many reasons) American R&B singer, songwriter, and actor.
Music video directed by : Jamar Harding

With You (2007)

10 . Rubi Rose – Deserve To Die

Date Added : May 21,2024

Rubi Rose, a rapper, songwriter, and model from Lexington, Kentucky, rose to prominence with her mixtape “For the Streets” in 2020. Known for tracks like “Pretty MF,” her work features collaborations with notable artists.
Music video directed by : Whipalo

I Like (2022)

9 . Lacrim – Colisée (w/ Sdm92)

Date Added : May 21,2024

Lacrim, born Karim Zenoud in Paris, reshapes French rap with his Algerian roots. Debuting with “Faites Entrer Lacrim” in 2012, his platinum hits like “Traîtres” blend gritty lyrics with magnetic beats.
Music video directed by : Eya Ayari – Song featured on the album : 𝐕𝐄𝐍𝐈 𝐕𝐈𝐃𝐈 𝐕𝐈𝐂𝐈

Sablier (2015)

8 . MO3 & Finesse2Tymes – Blood Money

Date Added : May 20,2024

Melvin Abdul Noble Jr., known as MO3, was an American rapper from Dallas, Texas. His music, marked by honest portrayals of street life, includes collaborations with Boosie Badazz on “Badazz MO3.” Tragically, MO3 was killed in 2020, but his posthumous album “Shottaz 4Eva” continues his legacy.

Slide On Em (2022)

7 . Rygin King, Chronic Law – Recovery

Date Added : May 20,2024

Rygin King is a Jamaican singer who began his music career with the release of his first single in 2018. In 2020, he was shot and left paralysed and in a wheelchair.

Therapy (2021)

6 . Sarkodie – Brag

Date Added : May 20,2024

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, born Michael Owusu Addo, is known for his unique style blending hip-hop and Afrobeats. His album “Sarkology” (2014) and founding of Sarkcess Music highlight his versatility. He’s won multiple awards, including BET’s Best International Flow artist.
Music video directed by : Kj Spio & Kunai.

Adonai (W/ Castro) (2014)

5 . 1Da Banton, Bella Shmurda – Evidence

Date Added : May 20,2024

Nigerian artist 1Da Banton, born June 27, 1994, blends Afrobeat, reggae, and dancehall. His debut EP “The Banton EP” and the hit “No Wahala” marked his breakthrough, earning international acclaim and featuring on “Ted Lasso.” Known for albums like “Original Vibe Machine,” his music is one of the most streamed Afrobeat songs on Spotify.

 No Wahala [Remix] (W/ Kizz Daniel & Tiwa Savage) (2022)

4 . Nemzzz – 1 Flow

Date Added : May 19,2024

Manchester’s Nemzzz has quickly risen with viral hits like “FYP” and “Elevate,” blending hip hop, pop, and R&B. His energetic performances and collaborations, including with A$AP Ferg, have spotlighted him as a fresh talent in the UK music scene, winning “Best Hip Hop Artist” at the British Music Awards 2020.

Elevate (2021)

3 . Chief Keef – Runner

Date Added : May 19,2024

Known as a drill music pioneer,Chief Keef, born Keith Farrelle Cozart, gained fame with “I Don’t Like,” leading to a remix by Kanye West and a contract with Interscope Records. His debut album, “Finally Rich,” features collaborations with 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa.
Music video directed by : John Ross – Song featured on the album : Almighty So 2

Love Sosa (2012)

2 . Skrapz & Kano – Marathon Continues

Date Added : May 19,2024

Skrapz, a British rapper from London, blends melodic tracks with hard-hitting rap. Gaining attention with “Skrapz is Back Part 2,” his albums include “The End of the Beginning.” Known for singles like “Different,” Skrapz has collaborated with UK artists Giggs and Nines.

Not Like Me (2017)

1 . Tunde – Sunset Blvd

Date Added : May 19,2024

British-Nigerian Tunde Baiyewu, lead vocalist for Lighthouse Family, saw fame with “Ocean Drive” in 1995. The band’s single “High” was a global hit. Post-dissolution in 2003, Baiyewu pursued solo projects, releasing “Diamond in a Rock” in 2013 and reuniting briefly for 2019’s album.

Not Guilty Freestyle (2023)

Hip-Hop & Soul New Music Videos – N°465


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