Hip-Hop & Soul New Music Videos – N°469


Hip-Hop & Soul New Music Videos – N°469

Here are the brand new worldwide hip-hop, soul, etc. songs that caught, these past days, our interest and liking. Beware (very possibly) NSFW

49 . 1Pliké140 – Calmez-Vous

Date Added : Jul 16,2024

1Pliké140, a rapper from Paris, France, emerged in 2020. His album “ARRÊTEZ-LE!” (2021) features hits like “Canette” and “GTA.” He is known for his blend of trap and drill music.
Music video directed by : Chicvnoss

Canada (2022)

48 . Chronic Law – Know Weh Yah Do

Date Added : Jul 16,2024

Akeeme Campbell, better known as Chronic Law, is a Deejay/Singjay straight out of Jamaica’s east side. Born on December 17, 1993, he’s a fresh voice in the dancehall scene, known for his gritty authenticity.

Selfish (2023)

47 . Juicy J & Xavier Wulf – The Truth

Date Added : Jul 16,2024

Juicy J, born Jordan Michael Houston III, is an American rapper and founding member of Three 6 Mafia. Known for hits like “Bandz a Make Her Dance,” his solo albums include Stay Trippy (2013). The group won an Academy Award for “It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp” from Hustle & Flow (2005).
Music video directed by : Jack Rottier

Ain’T Nothing (W/ Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $Ign) (2017)

46 . Shordie Shordie – Ride With You (w/ 03 Greedo)

Date Added : Jul 16,2024

Shordie Shordie, born RaQuan Hudson on August 6, 1996, in Baltimore, is an American rapper known for “Bitchuary” from his mixtape Captain Hook (2018). He released albums Memory Lane (2021) with Murda Beatz and A Life For Two (2023).

How High (2023)

45 . Rich Greedy – Came Down

Date Added : Jul 16,2024

Rich Greedy, from Houston, Texas, debuted with the mixtape “Hunger Pains” (2019). The single “Hustle & Flow” gained significant attention. His music blends Southern rap with modern trap.

100K Freestyle (2021)

44 . Aidonia – Can Do

Date Added : Jul 16,2024

Aidonia, born Sheldon Lawrence, is a Jamaican dancehall and reggae powerhouse, hailing from Kingston. Debuting in 2004, his work spans multiple record labels including VP Records and Jag One Productions.

Pretty Please (2015)

43 . Yorssy – CRF

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

Yorssy is a French rapper known for his energetic style. He gained fame on Netflix’s “Nouvelle École,” particularly in its third season. His single “Mutakala” increased his visibility and popularity in the French rap scene.
Music video directed by : Noche

Detente 6 (2023)

42 . J.P. – Private Room

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

J.P., an American rapper and singer from Milwaukee, gained viral attention with his debut single “Juicy Ahh” in 2022. His breakthrough came with the 2024 release of “Bad Bitty,” which peaked at No. 27 on the TikTok Billboard Top 50. He balances his music career with being a full-time student and athlete.
Music video directed by : Jd Miyagawa – Song featured on the album : Coming Out Party

She Took (2022)

41 . Babyface Ray & Peezy – Ghetto Boyz

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

Marcellus Rayvon Register, aka Babyface Ray, born February 7, 1991, in Detroit, has been influential in the Detroit hip hop scene since 2014. Known for “MIA Season” and “Ghetto Wave.” Ray’s music, often exploring Detroit’s culture and community, combines hip hop with trap.

Family Over Money (2022)

40 . BLP Kosher – Hour Glass

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

American rapper BLP Kosher, real name Benjamin Landy Pavlon, emerged from Deerfield Beach, Florida, in 2021. Known for his mixtape “BLP Kosher and the Magic Dreidel” and album “Bars Mitzvah,” his music uniquely incorporates his Jewish heritage, distinguishing him in the hip-hop scene.
Music video directed by : Jack Rottier

Special K (2023)

39 . Token – Loser

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

Token, born Benjamin Goldberg, is an American rapper, known for his track “No Sucka MCs”​​​​.
Music video directed by : Dom Bruno

Code Red (2018)

38 . LL Cool J – Passion

Date Added : Jul 14,2024

LL Cool J, born James Todd Smith, is an American rapper and actor. His debut album “Radio” (1985) was a critical success. Notable hits include “I Can’t Live Without My Radio” and “Mama Said Knock You Out”. He has also starred in “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “Deep Blue Sea”.
Music video directed by : Jake (Theshooter) Mckenna – Song featured on the album : The Force

Mama Said Knock You Out (1990)

37 . Ralo – P.R.E.

Date Added : Jul 14,2024

Ralo, born Terrell Davis on February 12, 1995, is an Atlanta rapper known for “Can’t Lie” with Future (2015). Signed to Cash Money Records, he released “Famerican Gangster II.” Despite a prison sentence in 2018, his influence in Southern rap remains strong.

First Day Out (2023)

36 . Kid Cudi – Superboy

Date Added : Jul 14,2024

Kid Cudi, born Scott Mescudi on January 30, 1984, is known for “Day ‘n’ Nite” (2008) and “Man on the Moon: The End of Day” (2009). His introspective lyrics and innovative style span albums like “Man on the Moon II” and “Indicud.” He has acted in films like “Need for Speed.”
Music video directed by : Goldwatch & Cudder – Song featured on the album : Nsano (Nitro Mega)

Pursuit Of Happiness (W/ Mgmt) (2010)

35 . Fredo Bang – Outta There

Date Added : Jul 14,2024

American rapper Fredo Bang, from Baton Rouge, rose to fame with hits like “Top,” overcoming legal challenges to become a prominent figure in hip-hop and trap music.

Top (W/ Lil Durk) (2021)

34 . BMSG Posse – Girlfriend

Date Added : Jul 14,2024

BMSG Posse, formed under SKY-HI’s BMSG label, blends hip-hop, R&B, and rock. The group, including REIKO and Novel Core, debuted with “MINNA BLING BLING” (2024). Their first major single “Girlfriend” (2024) features a Latin-tinged guitar riff, showcasing their genre-blending style.
Music video directed by : Issei

33 . Emiway Bantai – The End

Date Added : Jul 14,2024

Emiway Bantai, born Bilal Shaikh on November 13, 1995, is an Indian rapper known for “Machayenge” and “Samajh Mein Aaya Kya?” His Hindi rap debut “Aur Bantai” (2014) set his career in motion. Emiway owns Bantai The Studio and gained fame for his diss tracks and film contributions.
Music video directed by : Thrector & Emiway Bantai – Song featured on the album : Speak Ep

Khatam Hue Waande (2021)

32 . Mustard – Pray For Me

Date Added : Jul 13,2024

Mustard, born Dijon McFarlane on June 5, 1990, in Los Angeles, is a record producer and DJ known for hits like “Rack City.” His albums “10 Summers” (2014) and “Perfect Ten” (2019) include collaborations with top artists and hit singles like “Ballin'” featuring Roddy Ricch.

Ballin’ (W/ Roddy Ricch) (2020)

31 . Masicka – All Over Again

Date Added : Jul 13,2024

Masicka, a DJ, singer, and songwriter from Independence City in Portmore, Jamaica, stands out in the dancehall scene.

History (2022)

30 . Sofaygo – Precision (w/ Don Toliver)

Date Added : Jul 13,2024

SoFaygo, born Andre Dontrel Burt Jr. on October 3, 2001, in Atlanta, Georgia, is known for his hit “Knock Knock” from his mixtape “Angel” (2020). This viral success on TikTok led to his signing with Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Records in 2021.
Music video directed by : Satin Heart & Shanetheshredder

Knock Knock (2021)

29 . Ice Spice, Central Cee – Did It First

Date Added : Jul 12,2024

Ice Spice, born Isis Naija Gaston, rose to fame with her viral response to the “Buss It” challenge in 2021. Her debut EP, “Like..?,” features hits like “Munch (Feelin’ U),” “Bikini Bottom,” and “In Ha Mood.” Collaborations include Lil Tjay and PinkPantheress, with influences from Lil’ Kim to Taylor Swift.

No Clarity (2021)

28 . YG – Stupid (w/ Lil Yachty & Babyface Ray)

Date Added : Jul 12,2024

YG, an American rapper from Compton, debuted with “Toot It and Boot It” and released the critically acclaimed album “My Krazy Life” in 2014. Known for hits like “My Nigga” and collaborations with Drake, he has been influential in West Coast hip hop.

Sign Language (2022)

27 . Chronic Law – My Way

Date Added : Jul 12,2024

Akeeme Campbell, better known as Chronic Law, is a Deejay/Singjay straight out of Jamaica’s east side. Born on December 17, 1993, he’s a fresh voice in the dancehall scene, known for his gritty authenticity.

Selfish (2023)

26 . Intence – Pass Gone

Date Added : Jul 12,2024

Born Tashawn Gabbidon, Intence is a Jamaican dancehall artist who rose to fame with his unyielding drive, his raw energy, his catchy rhythms and his innovative fusion of traditional dancehall with contemporary influences.
Music video directed by : Kd Visuals

New Gear (2022)

25 . Sarkodie – X (w/ Joey B)

Date Added : Jul 12,2024

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, born Michael Owusu Addo, is known for his unique style blending hip-hop and Afrobeats. His album “Sarkology” (2014) and founding of Sarkcess Music highlight his versatility. He’s won multiple awards, including BET’s Best International Flow artist.
Music video directed by : Awudu Musa

Adonai (W/ Castro) (2014)

24 . Daboii & Babyfxce E – Get The Drop

Date Added : Jul 12,2024

Wayman Barrow, aka DaBoii, born August 14, 1997, in Vallejo, California, co-founded the rap group SOB X RBE. Known for the track “Paramedic!” on the Black Panther soundtrack, he also pursued a solo career, maintaining his raw, energetic West Coast rap style.
Music video directed by : Shotbylate

Cole Bennett (W/ Young Slo-Be) (2023)

23 . 42 Dugg – Megan (w/ Blac Youngsta)

Date Added : Jul 12,2024

Born in 1994, 42 Dugg, whose real name is Dion Marquise Hayes, is a rapper from Detroit, known for his collaborations with Lil Baby, including hit songs “Grace” and “We Paid,.”Song featured on the album : 4Eva Us Neva Them

Maybach (2021)

22 . AJ Tracey – Bubble Bath

Date Added : Jul 11,2024

British rapper AJ Tracey, from West London, gained fame in 2016 and released his debut mixtape “Didn’t Make the Cut” in 2012. Known for his diverse genre-spanning music, including the hit “Butterflies,” his 2019 self-titled debut album featured the successful single “Ladbroke Grove.”
Music video directed by : Latemilk

 Ladbroke Grove (2019)

21 . Sleepy Hallow – Yes Freestyle (w/ Sheff G)

Date Added : Jul 11,2024

Sleepy Hallow, born Tegan Joshua Chambers, is an American rapper associated with the Brooklyn drill scene. His viral single “Flows” featuring Sheff G garnered attention. Notable tracks include “Deep End Freestyle” and “2055,” the latter reaching the Billboard Hot 100. His music explores Brooklyn’s drill culture.
Music video directed by : Picture Perfect

Good Girls Ain’T No Fun (2023)

20 . Prince Swanny – Time Bomb

Date Added : Jul 11,2024

Prince Swanny, born Taryll Swan in Trinidad and Tobago, is known for dancehall and soca music. His 2017 hit “Go Fi Dem” and debut album “Trinidad’s Bad Man” (2019) with tracks like “Watch Your Friends” established him as a leading Caribbean artist and zesser movement pioneer.
Music video directed by : J3Tlag

Baghdad (2023)

19 . Taylor Girlz – Did Up

Date Added : Jul 11,2024

Taylor Girlz, an American rap duo from Atlanta, Georgia, includes sisters Daysha and Ti Taylor. They gained fame with the viral single “Steal Her Man” (2016) and their debut EP “Who Are Those Girlz!?” (2017). They are known for their energetic style and social media presence.

Steal Her Man (W/ Trinity Taylor) (2017)

18 . BossMan Dlow – PJ (w/ Lil Baby)

Date Added : Jul 10,2024

US rapper BossMan Dlow, real name Devante McCreary, rose to prominence with “Get In With Me” and “The Biggest.” Transitioning from sports ambitions to rap post-prison, his debut album “Too Slippery” (2023) showcases his distinct style and lyrical versatility.
Music video directed by : Drewfilmedit

The Biggest (2022)

17 . Skilla Baby – Misfit (w/ Polo G)

Date Added : Jul 10,2024

Skilla Baby, real name Trevon Gardner, born in 1998 in Detroit, Michigan, is known for his 2019 album “Push That Shit Out Skilla.” His association with Sada Baby has bolstered his reputation in Detroit’s hip-hop scene, with tracks like “Trevon” highlighting his experiences and local culture.Song featured on the album : The Coldest (Mixtape)

Tay B Style (W/ Tay B, Sada Baby & Ewm Buck) (2023)

16 . Chip – Legend

Date Added : Jul 10,2024

Chip, born Jahmaal Noel Fyffe on November 26, 1990, in Tottenham, London, gained fame with his platinum album I Am Chipmunk (2009). Known for hits like “Oopsy Daisy” and “Champion” featuring Chris Brown. He has collaborated with artists like Skepta and Stormzy.

Superstar (2010)

15 . Steve Aoki – Heavenly Hell (w/ Ne-Yo)

Date Added : Jul 8,2024

Steve Aoki is an electrifying American DJ and producer, famed for his high-energy shows and pioneering cross-genre collaborations
Music video directed by : Michelle Parker

Boneless (2013)

14 . Dthang – No Øzone (w/ Vonoff1700)

Date Added : Jul 8,2024

Bronx drill rapper DThang Gz, born Daniel Collins, is known for “Caution” and “On The Radar Freestyle,” amassing over 57 million YouTube views. Despite legal controversies, his influence in drill music, alongside cousin Kay Flock, remains significant. He recently faced a 3-5 year prison sentence for murder conspiracy.

Love Dthang (2021)

13 . Skeng, DJ Mac – Spin [Neva Problem]

Date Added : Jul 8,2024

Kevon Douglas, known as Skeng, is a rising star in Jamaica’s dancehall scene. Influenced by Kartel and Mavado, Skeng‘s transition from journalism to music birthed hits like “Gvnman Shift” and “Protocol.” His lyrical prowess, honed through diverse education and global connections, shines in collaborations like “Likkle Miss” with Nicki Minaj.

Protocol (W/ Sparta (2021)

12 . Svm!r – NDA

Date Added : Jul 8,2024

Svm!r is a Polish music project known for its contributions to the electronic and pop music scenes.

11 . French Montana, Fabulous, Fivio Foreign – To The Moon

Date Added : Jul 6,2024

Born in 1984, Karim Kharbouch, better known as French Montana, is a Moroccan-American rapper, known for his unique style and significant contributions to hip hop. He is also known by nicknames such as Young French, Macaroni With The Cheese, and Frenchie

Unforgettable (W/ Swae Lee) (2017)

10 . Punchmade Dev – Hard In The Bank

Date Added : Jul 6,2024

Punchmade Dev, born Devon Isaak Turner on October 16, 2000, in Lexington, Kentucky, is an American rapper. Known for singles like “Wire Fraud Tutorial,” he gained attention with his 2021 album “UNDEFEATED.” His “Track Meet” single has over 4 million YouTube views.
Music video directed by : Bryce Chill

Internet Swiping (2022)

9 . Rakim, Wu-Tang Clan & Redman – The Rebirth (w/ Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss, Styles P)

Date Added : Jul 6,2024

Rakim, born William Michael Griffin Jr. on January 28, 1968, in Wyandanch, New York, is an iconic rapper known for the album “Paid in Full” (1987) with Eric B. His solo works include “The 18th Letter” (1997). Ranked among the greatest MCs, Rakim is celebrated for his intricate lyrical style and influence on hip-hop.Song featured on the album : God’S Network – The Rebirth

When I B On Tha Mic (2009)

8 . King & Seedhemaut – Kodak

Date Added : Jul 6,2024

From Uttar Pradesh to “MTV Hustle”‘s top 5 in 2019, King Rocco, born October 10, 1998, is an Indian rapper and singer. Starting on YouTube in 2012, he forwent a traditional education at Delhi’s Dyal Singh College for a music career, launching albums like “Circumstances” and “The Gorilla Bounce”.
Music video directed by : Lendrick Kumar

Ektarfa (2022)

7 . Kendrick Lamar – Not Like Us

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, known professionally as Kendrick Lamar, was born on June 17, 1987, in Compton, California, USA. He gained recognition with mixtapes under the name K-Dot before his breakthrough album “good kid, m.A.A.d city” in 2012. His album “To Pimp a Butterfly” (2015) won a Grammy for Best Rap Album.
Music video directed by : Dave Free & Kendrick Lamar

Rich Spirit (2022)

6 . Killer Mike – Humble Me

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Michael Santiago Render, aka Killer Mike, blends rap, acting, and activism, resonating powerfully from Atlanta’s streets. His lyrical prowess, honed in high school rap battles and inspired by hip-hop icons, led to breakthrough features on Outkast’s tracks and his acclaimed “Monster” debut. As half of Run the Jewels with El-P, Killer Mike‘s politically charged fusion of genres has soared, paralleling his vocal social activism and entrepreneurial ventures in Atlanta.
Music video directed by : Khari Mccloud – Song featured on the album : Michael

Ooh La La (W/ Run The Jewels) (2020)

5 . DeeBaby – Blame It On A Playa

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

DeeBaby, born Jesus Martinez in 1996 in Houston, Texas, blends contemporary and Latin rap styles. Known for hits like “Marz,” he emerged in the rap scene in the 2010s with a unique blend of Southern and Texas rap, underpinned by trap influences.

Shoot It Out (2021)

4 . Big Moochie Grape & Young Dolph – Fun

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Big Moochie Grape, a rapper born in 1995 in Memphis, was deeply influenced by the sounds of local artists like Three 6 Mafia.

Cotton Candy (2022)

3 . Deep Jahi – Sexy Wine

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Known for singles like “Greatness” and “Life Goes On,” Deep Jahi, born Rushane Sanderson, is a Jamaican dancehall artist who won the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition in 2012.

Greatness (2016)

2 . Shaneil Muir, Valiant, Traptive Music – Paradox

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Shaneil Muir is a Jamaican dancehall artist known for her single “Yamabella,” which promotes self-acceptance. Gaining initial fame on “Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall” in 2016, she has released other notable tracks like “Proud Side Chick” and “Same Guy” with Denyque.

Exclusive (2022)

1 . Lazarus – God Sent Me

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Lazarus, aka Dr. Kamran Rashid Khan, is a Pakistani-American rapper and physician. Known for his single “Drug of Choice,” addressing the opioid crisis, he blends hip-hop with medical themes. Collaborations include Royce Da 5’9″ and D12. His dual career as a rapper and physician is unique in the music world.

Godflow [100 Bars] (2018)

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