Honky Tonk Men And Women

Featuring Kitty Wells . It Wasnt God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels . Ernest Tubb . Walking the Floor Over You . Webb Pierce . In the Jailhouse Now . Hank Locklin . Country Hall Of Fame . Lefty Frizzell . She ‘S Gone Gone Gone . George Jones . White Lightning . Hank Williams . Hey Good Lookin’ . Hank Thompson . Whoa Sailor . Jean Shepard . Hello Old Broken Heart .

Honky Tonk Men And Women

everything2 : The phrase “honky tonk angel” originated in a 1952 smash hit song by country crooner Hank Thompson called “The Wild Side of Life,” in which the singer describes how he met a girl at a honky tonk and started a relationship with her, but eventually the girl got bored with being in a steady relationship and went back to her wild ways at the honky tonk.

Jean Shepard : In one of her early performances with The Ranch Girls, Jean appeared with Hank Thompson. He was impressed enough with the talented newcomer to arrange introductions which ultimately would lead to Jean’s recording contract with Capitol Records.

The Country Music Hall of Fame : In May 1947 Tubb opened the Ernest Tubb Record Shop at 720 Commerce Street in downtown Nashville, the first major all-country record store. Over the next year, The Midnight Jamboree show emerged as an outgrowth of the record store, broadcast there before a live audience immediately after the Grand Ole Opry and showcasing for the most part deserving young hopefuls and their latest record releases.

Rockabilly Hall of Fame : 1951 and 1952 saw Frizzell touring with Hank Williams. It has been said that the towns that they played have never been the same! Lefty said, “Hank and I did shows together. We’d flip a coin to see who would go first….. I forget where we were at the time, but one day Hank said, ‘You need to join the Opry.'”

Floyd Tillman : Tillman was in a Texas diner when he overheard a woman sweet-talking on the phone with a man he assumed was her husband. When she asked the man to call her at home, but to hang up if her husband answered, Tillman had a song idea:

Traditional Country Hall of Fame : The blind Texan Leon Payne (1917-1969) is probably best remembered today as the songwriter who penned all-time classics like “I Love You Because” and “You’ve Still Got A Place In My Heart,” as well as two songs best known through Hank Williams’ recorded versions, “They’ll Never Take Her Love From Me” and “Lost Highway.”

Charlie Feathers : It was during Charlie’s stay in the hospital that ‘Peepin’ Eyes’ (a fast country ballad with more than just a few Hank Williams influences) was born.

The Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame : By this stage of his career, however, Webb Pierce was extremely wealthy and was known as one of the most flamboyantcountry singers of his time. He built a $35,000 guitar-shaped swimming pool at his house and wore gaudy outfitsdesigned by Nudie, the Hollywood western tailor.

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