I Wish I Could But I Can’t

From ‘I Can’t Stay Mad At You’ to ‘I Can’t Get Started’ , we have mixed 17 ‘Jazz, Soul, Blues,…‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Things You Can’t Do‘. It has Skeeter Davis, Shirley Bassey, Jerry Lee Lewis, Connie McLean’s Rythm Boys and many more.

IMAGE : Chinese Acrobats Photo by Tom Thai

JazzStandards.com: “I Can’t Get Started” was introduced by Bob Hope, who sang it to Eve Arden in Ziegfeld Follies of 1936. Opening on January 30, 1936, at the Winter Garden Theatre, the Broadway revue ran for 115 performances.

Melissa Stott : Melissa Stott and her group present quirky jazz songs and some great playing. The subject matter goes way beyond the traditional jazz repertoire; lyrics about love and delusion mingle with Melissa’s thoughts on Doctor Who, smoking grandmothers, computer buffs and chocolate cake.

soulwalking : At the label Barbara Acklin met Jackie Wilson, and asked him to listen to a tune that she had co-written with David Scott (formerly of the Five Du-Tones and the Exciters). Jackie liked the song and passed it on to Davis. Recorded on 8th August 1966 (and released September 1966), ‘Whispers (Gettin’ Louder)’ went to number six R & B and number 11 pop in the autumn of 1966.

Veronica Nunn : Nunn also learned that the most meaningful jazz isn’t just about chops, technique or complex chord changes—it is about expression, emotion and feeling. Those are the things that, for Nunn, make a jazz performance compelling regardless of whether the performer is a singer or an instrumentalist.

Dirty Blues Band on Myspace : The Down and Dirty Blues Band is a group of up-and-coming musicians from Chicago. Soon after meeting in the Columbia College Blues Ensemble in the fall of 2006, they formed their own band.

Gloria Grahame on IMDB : The 1950s, her best period, brought Gloria a supporting actress Oscar and typecast her as shady, inimitably sultry ladies in seven well-known film-noir classics, but marital and child-custody troubles combined with a “difficult” reputation on the set of Oklahoma! (1955) to sideline her film career from 1956 onward.

allmusic : Under her married name of Doris Willingham, Doris Duke cut her debut solo single, “Running Away from Loneliness,” for the tiny Hy-Monty label in 1966; “You Can’t Do That” followed two years later on Jay Boy. Despite solid reviews, neither record made a commercial splash, and she returned to her session career, often commuting to Philadelphia to record with the production team of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff.

last.fm : Lloyd Robinson is a Reggae singer that recorded a number of songs for Studio One, one of Jamaica’s most renowned record labels and recording studios sometimes described as “the Motown of Jamaica”, starting in 1963. Robinson was a member of the late ’60s rock-steady group the Tartans with Cedric Myton (who would later start the Congos), sang duets with Glen Brown and was half of the duo Lloyd and Devon, which had a hit for Derrick Morgan’s Hop label, “Red Bum Ball.”

PLAYLIST : Shirley Bassey – I Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind (3.43) . Skeeter Davis – I Can’t Stay Mad At You (2.08) . Aretha Franklin – I Can’t See Myself Leaving You (3.01) . Dirty Blues Band – I Can’t Quit You Baby (5.47) . Veronica Nunn – I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (4.21) . Jerry Lee Lewis – I can’t give you anything (1.02) . Slim Whitman – I Can’t Stop Loving You (2.13) . Muddy Waters – I Can’t Be Satisfied (2.43) . Lloyd Robinson – I Can’t Forget (2.42) . Gloria Grahame – I Can’t Say No (3.11) . Nat King Cole – I Just Can’t See For Lookin’ (3.06) . Connie McLean’s Rythm Boys – I Can’t Use That Thing (2.55) . Billie Holiday – I Can’t Get Started (2.50) . Alton Ellis – I Can’t Stop Now (2.52) . Doris Duke – I Can’t Do Without You (2.10) . Nancy Wilson – I Can’t Make You Love Me (5.19) . Peggy Lee – I Can’t Believe that You’re in Love with Me (1.45) .


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