Ibibio Sound Machine’ s ‘ Uyai’

Ibibio Sound Machine’ s ‘ Uyai’ is their debut second album mixing West African funk, disco, modern post-punk, and electro and released on March 3, 2017 by Merge Records.


Ibibio Sound Machine

Awash in exultation and infused with melody, Uyai is a gorgeous vision of international pop. “The Chant (Iquo Isang)” starts out with a punch of clipped, stabbing electro, but it settles into a jazzy haze by song’s end — tied together, as its title implies, by Williams’ infectious chanting. […]

Clash Music
argely ‘Uyai’ stands as a genre meshing oddity which, thanks to its pure groove and spirituality, will appeal to those who haunt the dance floor as well as their own dimly lit bedrooms. […]

It feels good, the kind of tune that fills a human body with the irresistible urge to move, and that’s a theme of many of Uyai’s more upbeat tracks. […]


Ibibio Sound Machine’ s ‘ Uyai’


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