Iggy Pop releases his first solo album ‘The Idiot’ co-written with David Bowie (1977)

Iggy Pop‘s ‘The Idiot’ is his debut solo album co-written with David Bowie and released on March 18, 1977 by RCA.


Iggy Pop releases his first solo album ‘The Idiot’ co-written with David Bowie (1977)

Track Listing : 1.Sister Midnight (Carlos Alomar, James Osterberg, David Bowie) – 04:19 . 2.Nightclubbing (Ames Osterberg, David Bowie) – 04:14 . 3.Funtime (Ames Osterberg, David Bowie) – 02:54 . 4.Baby (Ames Osterberg, David Bowie) – 03:24 . 5.China Girl (Ames Osterberg, David Bowie) – 05:08 . 6.Dum Dum Boys (Ames Osterberg, David Bowie) – 07:12 . 7.Tiny Girls (Ames Osterberg, David Bowie) – 02:59 . 8.Mass Production (Ames Osterberg, David Bowie) – 08:24

Musicians : Iggy Pop – Vocals . David Bowie – Keyboards, Synthesizer, Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Xylophone, Backing Vocals . Carlos Alomar – Guitar . Dennis Davis – Drums . George Murray – Bass Guitar . Phil Palmer – Guitar . Michel Santangeli – Drums . Laurent Thibault – Bass

Production : Produced By David Bowie . Tony Visconti – Mixing

Package : Andy Kent – Photography

Recorded July – August 1976 At Château D’Hérouville, Hérouville, France; Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany; Hansa Studio 1, Berlin, Germany.

Released On March 18, 1977 By Rca.

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Rising Storm Review
Some may long for the frenzied sound of Raw Power. Some may dismiss the otherworldliness that reels in “Mass Production” – the closing track. But deserters will miss out on a lot of what makes The Idiot such an iconic album…the mood. […]

It was the album that started Joy Division’s first jam session, and it was the album Ian Curtis listened to before he hanged himself. The Idiot may have been Iggy Pop’s new beginning, but it’s certainly not for beginners. […]

There’s a collage of sound to be found here (the last track has some kind of warped Elephant like sound, probably made by synth, check it out) that really keeps the songs fresher and more interesting than many “classic” albums from the decade. […]


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