Blue Note publish Joe Lovano’s ‘I’m All For You,’ a ballads album recorded with Hank Jones (2004)

Joe Lovano‘s ‘I’m All For You’ is a ballads album recorded with Hank Jones, George Mraz and Paul Motian and released on May 4, 2004 by Blue Note.


Blue Note publish Joe Lovano’s ‘I’m All For You,’ a ballads album recorded with Hank Jones (2004)

1 . Monk’s Mood (w/ Hank Jones)

2 . I Waited For You

3 . Im All For You (w/ Hank Jones)

Joe Lovano – I’m All for You (Ballad Songbook)

Track Listing : 1.I’M All For You (Joe Lovano) – 07:50 . 2.Don’T Blame Me (Dorothy Fields / Jimmy Mchugh) – 07:51 . 3.Monk’S Mood (Thelonious Monk) – 04:01 . 4.The Summary (A Suite For Pops) (Thad Jones) – 05:16 . 5.Stella By Starlight (Ned Washington / C. Young) – 05:47 . 6.I Waited For You (Walter Fuller / Dizzy Gillespie) – 09:28 . 7.Like Someone In Love (Johnny Burke / James Van Heusen) – 06:50 . 8.Early Autumn (Ralph Burns / Woody Herman / Johnny Mercer) – 07:31 . 9.Countdown (John Coltrane) – 04:38

Musicians : Joe Lovano – Sax (Tenor) . Hank Jones – Piano . George Mraz – Bass . Paul Motian – Drums, Cymbals

Production : Produced By Joe Lovano Greg Calbi – Mastering . James Farber – Engineer

Package : John Abbott – Photography . Ira Gitler – Liner Notes . Jimmy Katz – Photography . Burton Yount – Art Direction

Recorded June 11–12, 2003.

Released On May 4, 2004 By Blue Note.

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The Guardian
And, although he plays with gentle, unassertive grace, his approach is curiously detached, more like thinking aloud than seeking to stir the passions of the listener. The enjoyment comes from eavesdropping on those thoughts, the apparently rambling phrases that never quite get lost, no matter how wayward. […]

Hank Jones‘ playing is, as always, elegant, refined and totally appropriate. His intelligent improvisation and perfectly tailored accompaniment on their duet Like Someone in Love exemplify his contribution. […]

All About Jazz
At this late, post-Bird, post-Trane time in American improvisatory music, sheer competence isn’t enough, and genuine innovation can be illusory. Possessing an individual voice is, in itself, no small achievement. […]


Joe Lovano‘s ‘I’m All For You’


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