It’s Snow (or Never)

From ‘Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!’ to ‘Ornette Never Sleeps’ , we have mixed 19 ‘Jazz‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Snow (or … Never)‘. It has George Shearing & Billy May, Michel Legrand, Quincy Jones, Art Blakey and many more.

IMAGE : Hebe in the snow Photo by Elliott Brown

Irma Thomas on MySpace: The unrivaled Soul Queen of New Orleans a title officially bestowed by local officials, no less Irma Thomas ranks among Crescent City R&B’s greatest and most enduring musical ambassadors, never enjoying the coast-to-coast commercial success of contemporaries….

Earl Klugh on allmusic : An acoustic guitarist with a very pretty tone, Earl Klugh does not consider himself a jazz player and thinks of Chet Atkins as being his most important influence. Klugh played on a Yusef Lateef album when he was 15 and gained recognition in 1971 for his contributions to George Benson‘s White Rabbit record.

Claire Martin : A further seminal moment came at 18 when she saw the great improvising singer Betty Carter at Ronnie Scott’s. It confirmed what she already felt – she had to be a jazz singer. Like many singers Martin paid her dues and learnt her craft by embarking on the QE2 and the Cunard Princess.

Rabih Abou-Khalil on MySpace : Rabih Abou-Khalil grew up in Beirut and moved to Munich, Germany during the civil war in 1978. From early on, he learnt to play the oud, a fretless string instrument, similar to the European lute or Greek bouzouki. He studied in the Beirut conservatory from oud virtuoso Georges Farah.

Jimmy Scott : Friend and fellow musician Lou Reed about Jimmy….. “I first met Jimmy Scott through the remarkable songwriter Doc Pomus. I’d heard about him for many years. At the gathering after Doc’s passing Jimmy sang. He has the voice of an angel and can break your heart. He did that day and many others…”

Bob Rivers on Wikipedia : Bob Rivers and his Twisted Radio show have also produced a countless number of regular, non-holiday parodies covering anything from pop culture to politicians, to the various sports teams and players in the Seattle area. These “Twisted Tunes” can be heard for free on his website. CD compilation albums are also available.

Lisa Germano on Myspace : One of the most moving voices of the decade was a humble violinist from Indiana: Lisa Germano. Her albums were comparable to the harrowing ending of a thriller. Rather than songs, the carefully assembled elements of On The Way Down From Moon Palace (1991) were humble concertos that straddled the line between country, classical and new-age music.

Over the Rhine : Over The Rhine may not be a household name, but to call the act’s followers “fanatical” would understate the point, and they’re not shy about converting the curious. Why? For starters, there’s Bergquist’s torchy, devil-may-care voice, brimming with Midwestern soul, unafraid to lay bare every emotional resonance.

PLAYLIST : Dean Martin – Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (1.57) . Sarah Vaughan – You Never Give Me Your Money (2.51) . Art Blakey – Never Never Land (5.50) . Over the Rhine – Snow Angel (4.30) . Bing Crosby – Frosty The Snowman (2.12) . Lisa Germano – Snow (4.16) . Quincy Jones – I Never Has Seen Snow (3.09) . Lightnin’ Hopkins – Heavy Snow (3.34) . George Shearing & Billy May – Snowfall Snowfall Cha (4.26) . Shearwater – The Snow Leopard (5.08) . Julie London – When Snowflakes Fall In Summer (1.50) . Earl Klugh – She Never Said Why (4.33) . Michel Legrand – Old Lovers Never Die (2.36) . Irma Thomas – She’ll Never Be Your Wife (2.56) . Ray Charles – Snow Is Falling (2.50) . Rabih Abou-Khalil – Ornette Never Sleeps (7.01) . Claire Martin – He Never Mentioned Love (5.09) . Nat King Cole – I’ll Never Say ”Never Again”, Again (2.49) . Jimmy Scott – You Never Miss The Water (Till The well runs dry) (2.43) .


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