Polydor publish Jack Bruce’s debut solo album : ‘Songs for a Tailor’ (1969)

Jack Bruce‘s ‘Songs for a Tailor’ is his solo debut studio album debut produced by Felix Pappalardi and released on August 29, 1969 by Polydor.


Polydor publish Jack Bruce’s debut solo album : ‘Songs for a Tailor’ (1969)

Track listing : 1.Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out of Tune (Jack Bruce) – 03:41 . 2.Theme for an Imaginary Western (Jack Bruce) – 03:30 . 3.Tickets to Water Falls (Jack Bruce) – 03:00 . 4.Weird of Hermiston (Jack Bruce) – 02:24 . 5.Rope Ladder to the Moon (Jack Bruce) – 02:54 . 6.The Ministry of Bag (Jack Bruce) – 02:49 . 7.He the Richmond (Jack Bruce) – 03:36 . 8.Boston Ball Game 1967 (Jack Bruce) – 01:45 . 9.To Isengard (Jack Bruce) – 05:28 . 10.The Clearout (Jack Bruce) – 02:35 .

Musicians : Jack Bruce – Organ, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Cello, Vocals . Harry Beckett – Trumpet . Dick Heckstall-Smith – Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone . Jon Hiseman – Drums . Henry Lowther – Trumpet . John Marshall – Drums . George Harrison – Guitar On (1) . John Mumford – Trombone . Felix Pappalardi – Percussion, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar . Chris Spedding – Electric Guitar . Art Themen – Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone .

Production Produced by Felix Pappalardi . Jack Bruce – arranger . Andy Johns – engineer .

Package : Roger Phillip – photography . John Tobler – liner notes .

Recorded April–May 1969 .

Released on 29 August 1969 by Polydor.

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Purple_Daze @ RateYourMusic
This is one of those albums that never met my expectations and is still a bit of a disappointment. While giving it plenty of chances to re-shape my impression it always leaves me with the same “meh” feeling. The bass playing is stellar, natch, but the decision to use horns all over the place leaves me cold. […]

The song is bass heavy with Colosseum members Dick Heckstall-Smith and Jon Hiseman providing a different flavor to what Bruce fans had become accustomed to. Hiseman drums on eight of the ten compositions, including “Theme From an Imaginary Western,” the second trackand Jack Bruce‘s greatest hit that never charted. […]

Those who’ll be hearing this for the first time are to be envied, while seasoned…Bruce’s intricate but powerful settings concoct a fusion of rock, jazz and proggy psychedelia, given both punch and focus by Felix Pappalardi’s spacious production. […]


Jack Bruce‘s ‘Songs for a Tailor’ M


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