Jackie McLean records ‘Right Now!’ an album for Blue Note (1965)

Jackie McLean’s ‘Right Now!’ is an album recorded on January 29, 1965 and released the same year by Blue Note.

Track Listing : 1.Eco (Jackie Mclean) – 06:09 . 2.Poor Eric (Larry Willis) – 10:12 . 3.Christel’S Time (Larry Willis) – 10:34 . 4.Right Now (Charles Tolliver) – 09:29

Francis Wolff

Musicians : Jackie Mclean – Alto Saxophone . Larry Willis – Piano . Bob Cranshaw – Bass . Clifford Jarvis – Drums

Production : Produced By Alfred Lion Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer

Package : Francis Wolff asterisques RVM – Photography . Reid Miles – Cover Design . Phyl Garland – Liner Notes . Bob Blumenthal – Liner Notes . Micaela Boland – Art Direction

Recorded On January 29, 1965 At Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs.

Released In 1965 By Blue Note.

Jackie McLean


Elsewhere, however, McLean takes his abrasive tone to straight ahead bop: on Christel’s Tune he takes chorus after chorus, each dipping and diving, sometimes referencing the blues and at other times reaching for whatever Charlie Parker used to hear in his head; the title track has the same urgency which propelled McLean’s earlier work. […]

If you are a fan one wonders if there is a reason but whatever I still would like to see the session released from this interesting time in Jackie McLeans career. As for this album “Right Now” it is essential Jazz from one of the best exponents on Alto Saxophone you could wish to hear. Full stop. […]

MoaM @ RateYourMusic
Might be my favorite McLean album simply because he’s so prominent here. On top of this the chord/rhythmic changes here are simple, but off-kilter — almost easy-listening if weren’t slightly “moody” and y’know…McLean and Co. didn’t play so fast… […]


Jackie McLean’s ‘Right Now!’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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