Motown publish The Jackson 5’s eighth album : ‘Dancing Machine’ (1974)

The Jackson 5’s ‘Dancing Machine’ is their eighth studio album released on September 5, 1974 by Motown.


Motown publish The Jackson 5’s eighth album : ‘Dancing Machine’ (1974)

Track listing : . 1.I Am Love (Don Fenceton, Jerry Marcellino, Mel Larson, Ron Rancifer) – 07:29 . 2.Whatever You Got, I Want (Gene Marcellino, Jerry Marcellino, Mel Larson) – 02:58 . 3.She’s a Rhythm Child (Clarence Drayton, Hal Davis, Ruth Talmage) – 02:39 . 4.Dancing Machine (Don Fletcher, Hal Davis, Weldon Dean Parks) – 02:43 . 5.The Life of the Party (Clarence Drayton, Hal Davis, Tamy Smith) – 02:35 . 6.What You Don’t Know (Gene Marcellino, Jerry Marcellino, Mel Larson) – 04:25 . 7.If I Don’t Love You This Way (Leon Ware, Pam Sawyer) – 03:28 . 8.It All Begins and Ends with Love (Don Fenceton, Jerry Marcellino, Mel Larson) – 03:07 . 9.The Mirrors of My Mind (Charlotte O’Hare, Don Fletcher, Nita Garfield) – 03:08 .

Musicians : The Jackson 5 – Vocals . Jackie Jackson – Vocals . Tito Jackson – Vocals . Jermaine Jackson – Vocals . Marlon Jackson – Vocals . Michael Jackson – Vocals .

Production Produced by Hal Davis, Jerry Marcellino, Mel Larson . Arthur Wright – Arranger . Kevin Reeves – Mastering . Russ Terrana – Mixing .

Package : Vartan – Art Direction . Brian Chin – Liner Notes . Ron Kriss – Illustrations . Rebecca Meek – Design .

Recorded between April 1973 and July 1974 at: Motown Recording Studios, Hollywood, California .

Released on September 5, 1974 by Motown.


XakkMaster @ RateYourMusic
I was actually blown away by the progressive rock sound of “I Am Love” – go to the 3:40 point and you’ll hear something over the next couple of minutes that feels like it could have come from a Yes or Pink Floyd album. I never knew that the group had that side to them. […]

F. Brown @ Amazon
I have never listened to a The Jackson 5/Michael Jackson album without being mesmerised on the first outing! It’s true that after more plays Dancing Machine got better, but there are a lot of ‘filler’ songs that Michael Jackson himself hated to see on albums […]

Robert Christgau
My friend who goes to discos tells me the The Jackson 5 are the first major artists to put out a real disco album–designed for dancersand listeners be damned. This may well be true–certainly the guitars and electric keyboards are more noteworthy than the singing […]


The Jackson 5’s ‘Dancing Machine’ M


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