Happy Birthday James Carter. ‘Future Tense’

This day (January 3, 1969), in  Detroit, Michigan , is born James Carter, an American jazz saxophonist.


Happy Birthday James Carter. ‘Future Tense’

Tracklist :

Trading blues solos (2020) . w/ D.D. Jackson, Darius Jones, William Parker, Ronnie Burrage & Juma Sultan – @ Vision 24 (2019) . Soul Street (2018) . I can’t give you anything but love (2015) . Giant Steps (2014) . w/ Organ Trio – Low Flame (2012) . Saxophone Summit (2008) . w/ Organ Trio – Nuages (2011) . w/ Organ Trio – Walk The Dog (2010) . North Sea Jazz Festival (2006) . w/ Joshua Redman – Live At Carnegie Hall . w/ The Rosenberg Trio – Manoir De Mes Rêves . At Carnegie Hall – Laura (1997) . w/ Lester Bowie´s New York Organ Ensemble – Angel Eyes ( 1992) .

Tracklist :

Bossa J.C. . Pour Que Ma Vie Demeure . Dodo’s Bounce . Soul Street . Freedom Jazz Dance . Rapid Shave . Sussa Nita . Bro. Dolphy . Song Of Delilah . ‘Round Midnight .


[2012] James Carter (s), Roy Hargrove (flug), Jason Marshall (bs) and Gerard Gibbs (org) perform at the Borobudur Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia >> 5 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2015] James Carter plays with Gerard Gibbs (org) and Alex White (d) at Jazz in Marciac, France >> 9 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2013] James Carter & Branford Marsalis plus Gerard Gibbs(d) & Leonard King (org) team up to celebrate 200 years of Adolphe Sax at Bimhuis in Amsterdam, The Netherlands >> 16 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1996] the James Carter Quartet – that is James Carter (ss), Craig Taborn (p), Jaribu Shahid (b) and Tani Tabbal (d) – is scheduled at Große Konzertscheue in Salzau, Germany for Jazzbaltica >> 65 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2012] guitarist Pat Martino and saxophonist James Carter with organist Pat Bianchi and drummer Carmen Intorre are at the KPLU studio in Seattle >> 4 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2014] Ravi Coltrane, James Carter, Billy Harper, George Cables, Buster Williams and Jack DeJohnette and many more, they all play at Jazz Federation of America’s lifetime achievement award in honor of Sonny Rollins held at The Apollo Theater,in New-York City >> 28 MINUTES on RVM >>

[2011] James Carter Organ Trio has invited Gregory Porter to perform at North Sea Jazz Festival >> 34 MINUTES on RVM >>

[1995] James Carter (as, ts, clarinet), Craig Taborn (p), Jaribu Shahid (b), Tani Tabbal (d) and Javan Jackson (ts) are gathered at Newport Jazz Festival in Newport, RI >> 66 MINUTES on RVM >>


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Happy Birthday James Carter. ‘Future Tense’


Wikipedia : This day (January 3, 1969), in  Detroit, Michigan , is born James Carter, an American jazz saxophonist.

Official Site : Mastering a family of reed instruments, from sopranino to contrabass saxophones to contrabass and bass clarinets, James Carter mesmerized the jazz world after arriving in New York City in 1988 to play under the auspices of Lester Bowie.

Harder Bop : James Carter Ruined My Life

@last.fm : Recorded at the same session as his debut, Carter’s next release, Jurassic Classics (1994), found him entering the Top Jazz Albums chart for the first time. It was a feat to be echoed with four of Carter’s subsequent releases: The Real Quiet Storm (1995), Conversin’ With The Elders (1996), In Carterian Fashion (1998), and Chasin’ The Gypsy (2000)

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