Happy Birthday Jamie Cullum. ‘Super Jamie’

This day (August 20, 1979), in Rochford, Essex, England, is born Jamie Cullum, a British pop and jazz singer and songwriter.


Happy Birthday Jamie Cullum. ‘Super Jamie’

Tracklist :

1 . The Age Of Anxiety

2 . Drink (2019)

3 . w/ Joss Stone – Come Together

4 . Shape Of You

5 . w/ Robbie Williams – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (2016)

6 . Nice Jazz Festival (2015)

7 . When i get famous (2014)

8 . High & Dry (2013)

9 . What A Difference A Day Made

10 . Single Ladies / Come Together (2011)

11 . High And Dry (2010)

12 . w/ Götz Alsmann – Georgia On My Mind

13 . Photograph (2009)

14 . Frontin’

15 . Mind Trick (2006)

16 . Twentysomething (2004)

Tracklist :

Don’t Stop The Music . I’m All Over It . Just One Of Those Things . What A Difference A Day Made . Twentysomething . If I Ruled The World . Wheels . Get Your Way .


Wikipedia : This day (August 20, 1979), in Rochford, Essex, England, is born Jamie Cullum, a British pop and jazz singer and songwriter.

Jamie Cullum : Cullum’s willingness to defy convention has served him well during his lifelong pursuit of musical fulfillment. He began playing piano and guitar at the age of eight; in his mid teens, Cullum was in & out of rock bands playing guitar, drums and piano; he was also the drummer in a hip-hop combo, eventually finding his way back to jazz through the samples used in his favorite hip-hop recordings; and Cullum spent the end of his teen years living in Paris, where he honed his skills performing in local jazz clubs before going on to become the biggest-selling British jazz artist of all time. Cullum has won an enviable reputation as a magnetic live performer, playing freewheeling concerts that emphasize spontaneity and improvisation—and which rarely employ a set list. The artists I most admire, Cullum concludes, are people like Miles Davis and Tom Waits, who make all kinds of different records, and change and evolve over the years, but still remain themselves. That’s what I aspire to. I’m only about five per cent of the way there, but I’ve got time.

Jamie Cullum Fanzone : Due to their rarity, original copies have sold for as much as £600 on eBay. The success of Heard it All Before resulted in Cullum being invited to appear on Geoff Gascoyne’s album Songs of the Sumer.

@last.fm : Cullum has belonged to several bands, ranging from banging drums in a hip hop group to playing guitar in rock bands such as Raw Sausage and The Mystery Machine, in his teenage youth. Cullum names his elder brother, Ben Cullum, as his biggest musical influence, and the two continue to collaborate extensively.

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