Jamiroquai release ‘The Return Of The Space Cowboy,’ their second album featuring ‘Stillness in Time’ (1994)

Jamiroquai’s ‘The Return Of The Space Cowboy’ is their second album released on October 17, 1994 by Sony Soho Square.

Track Listing : 1.Just Another Story (Jay Kay, Toby Smith) – 08:49 . 2.Stillness In Time (Jay Kay, Toby Smith) – 04:15 . 3.Half The Man (Jay Kay, Toby Smith) – 04:48 . 4.Light Years (Jay Kay, Toby Smith) – 05:53 . 5.Manifest Destiny (Jay Kay, Toby Smith) – 06:19 . 6.The Kids (Jay Kay, Toby Smith) – 05:08 . 7.Mr Moon (Jay Kay, Toby Smith, Stuart Zender) – 05:28 . 8.Scam (Jay Kay, Stuart Zender) – 07:00 . 9.Journey To Arnhemland (Jay Kay, Toby Smith, Wallis Buchanan) – 05:19 . 10.Morning Glory (Jay Kay) – 06:21 . 11.Space Cowboy (Jay Kay) – 06:25

Vaughan Arnell

Musicians : Jamiroquai – Band . Jason Kay – Vocals . Derrick McKenzie – Drums . Wallis – Didjeridu, Vibraphone . Stuart Zender – Bass . Toby Smith – Keyboards

Production : Produced By Mike Nielsen And Al Stone . Martin Harrison – Mixing . Jason Kay – Arranger, Engineer, . Michael Nielsen – Engineer . Mike Nielsen – Engineer . Al Stone – Engineer

Package : Eddie Monsoon – Photography . Chris Nash – Photography

Video Director(s) : Vaughan Arnell asterisques RVM and Anthea Benton for “Space Cowboy”

Recorded 1994.

Released On October 17, 1994 By Sony Soho Square.


Although it still leaves this reviewer with the overwhelming feeling that he’d rather be listening to Stevie Wonder or Donny Hathaway, you cannot deny how well this is all done. The Return of the Space Cowboy captures this first phase of Jamiroquai at their very best. […]

Overall, this album is probably the most diverse CD that I have ever had. The music is the high point on the album following the vocals. The songs are all meaningful and they are truthful. […]

Respected and ribbed, admired and admonished, Jay K has kept his head throughout the race arguments, the easy jibes at stupid hats and the Stevie Wonderisms. For Jamiroquai have proved the impossible: that by infecting the naffness of soul-boy fusion with a dirty funk virus, this mix can indeed be hip. […]


Jamiroquai’s ‘The Return Of The Space Cowboy’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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