Jamiroquai release their third album : ‘Travelling Without Moving’ featuring ‘Virtual Insanity’ (1996)

Jamiroquai’s ‘Travelling Without Moving’ is their third studio album released on September 9, 1996 by Sony Soho Square.

Track listing : 1.Virtual Insanity (Jay Kay, Toby Smith) – 05:40 . 2.Cosmic Girl (Jay Kay, Derrick McKenzie) – 04:03 . 3.Use the Force (Jay Kay, Toby Smith, Derrick McKenzie, Sola Akingbola) – 04:00 . 4.Everyday (Jay Kay, Toby Smith, Stuart Zender) – 04:28 . 5.Alright (Jay Kay, Toby Smith) – 04:25 . 6.High Times (Jay Kay, Toby Smith, Stuart Zender, Derrick McKenzie) – 05:58 . 7.Drifting Along (Jay Kay, Derrick McKenzie, Simon Katz, Stuart Zender) – 04:06 . 8.Didjerama (Jay Kay, Wallis Buchanan, Derrick McKenzie) – 03:50 . 9.Didjital Vibrations (Jay Kay, Wallis Buchanan, Stuart Zender) – 05:49 . 10.Travelling Without Moving (Jay Kay) – 03:40 . 11.You Are My Love (Jay Kay) – 03:55 . 12.Spend a Lifetime (Jay Kay, Toby Smith, Stuart Zender) – 04:14 . 13.Funktion (Hidden Track) (Jay Kay, Toby Smith, Stuart Zender) – 08:27 .

Jonathan Glazer

Vaughan Arnell

Musicians : Jamiroquai . Jay Kay – Lead Vocals . Derrick Mckenzie – Drums . Sola Akingbola – Percussion . Toby Smith – Keyboards . Wallis Buchanan – Didgeridoo . Stuart Zender – Bass . Nick Van Gelder – Drums . Dj D-Zire – Wheels Of Steel . Adrian Revell – Saxophone & Flute . Winston Rollins – Trombone & Trumpet . Martin Shaw – Trumpet & Flugelhorn . Simon Katz – Guitar .

Adrian Moat

Production Produced by Jason Kay, Al Stone . Al Stone – Engineer, Mixing .

Video Director(s) : Jonathan Glazer asterisques RVM for “Virtual Insanity” . Adrian Moat asterisques RVM for “Cosmic Girl” . Vaughan Arnell asterisques RVM for “Alright”

Recorded in 1996 .

Released on September 9, 1996 by Sony Soho Square.


The variation from song style to the next isn’t quite as an extreme as in the case of, say a Gorillaz album, but they could be arguably akin to a certain degree in this sense. […]

Funk Fiction
Album Revisit: Travelling Without Moving Travelling Without Moving by Jamiroquai is simply one of those fundamental and essential albums that belongs in every music lover’s collection. Jamiroquai is the type of band that has more or less become either a dying breed or practically extinct… the last of its kind. […]

atmvawser @ RateYourMusic
Jay Kay is (to me) an annoying lightweightand while I usually enjoy and appreciate this type of music in general, this album is mostly dull, derivative and uninteresting (with the exception of a decent track here-and-there, plus the admittedly original idea of a didgereedoo…) […]


Jamiroquai’s ‘Travelling Without Moving’


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