Jazz Dreamers

From ‘Dream Gypsy’ to ‘Street Of Dreams’, we have mixed 18 ‘Jazz With a Bit Of Pop‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Dream‘. It has Les Baxter, Kenny Burrell, Kenny Dorham, Bill Evans & Jim Hall and many more.

IMAGE : Dreamer 2 Photo by Solyanka

fishpond: Occasionally during Undercurrent (the Bill Evans & Jim Hall album) one expects the other shoe to drop: the growl of a bass entering in half time, wire brushes falling patiently into place on a sizzle cymbal. It never happens, and that’s ultimately the allure of this duet record. The pleasure of these eight cuts (two of them previously unreleased, all of them recorded over two days in the spring of 1962 in New York) lies in the sense of overhearing a private conversation between two particularly thoughtful people.

Amazon : Backed by two of jazz’s greatest improvisers–bassist Dave Holland and drummer Elvin Jones–guitarist Bill Frisell forges one of his strongest efforts to date. It’s a great album, full of rich textures that would do spaghetti-western composer Ennio Morricone proud, with its ample doses of Frisell’s unmistakable contemplative, but minimalist guitar sound.

Yusef Lateef : His most recent work is The Dreamer., a culturally syncretic opera based on “The Birth of Tragedy” by F. Nietzsche.

All About Jazz : As the first drummer to explore the uses of the full drum kit in jazz (and insist that it be miked at full volume) Gener Kruppa helped propel Benny Goodman to stardom-who hasn’t heard the famous opening to “Sing, Sing, Sing”?

IMDB : Les Baxter’s recording of the Poor People of Paris in March 1956 was a number one hit and it sold more single copies than any other recording during that decade. The song was only so titled by mistake. originally titled the Ballad of Poor John when it was popularized in France. When a Capitol records representative cabled the title to the united states, the cable used the word “gens” instead of “jean”. “gens” translates as “people”.

Francisco Aguabella : Legendary Conguero Francisco Aguabella first left Cuba in the 1950′s to perform with Katherine Dunham in the Shelley Winters movie “Mambo” filmed in Italy.

Into the rythm… : Shepp’s Day Dream is a personal favorite of mine with an entire Ellington program and Shepp at his most lyrical.

The Cannonball Adderley Rendez-Vous : What better way then, than through a tasty selection of fine standard popular songs using a rich and skillfully arranged string setting? The tunes chosen for this date are especially noteworthy. Aside from the plaintive Lonely Dreams, an original written by vibraharpist Terry Gibbs, all of these selections are familiar, but not overworked standard …Street of Dreams was written by Victor Young and Sam Lewis in 1932

PLAYLIST : Bill Evans & Jim Hall – Dream Gypsy (5.01) . Bill Frisell. Dave Holland & Elvin Jones – Blues Dream (3.10) . Yusef Lateef – The Dreamer (4.48) . Gene Krupa – I should have kept on dreaming (3.19) . Les Baxter – Voodoo Dreams Voodoo (6.53) . Francisco Aguabella – Yesterday’s dreams (2.54) . Cannonball Adderley – Street Of Dreams (4.36) . Duke Ellington – Dreaming by the fire (6.34) . Coleman Hawkins – Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (2.15) . Kenny Dorham – Basheer’s Dream (5.21) . Charlie Mingus – Girl Of My Dreams.wma (6.19) . Dexter Gordon – You Stepped Out Of A Dream (4.08) . Dizzy Gillespie – When I Grow Too Old To Dream (3.07) . Kenny Burrell – Weaver of Dreams (5.00) . Joe Wilder – Darn That Dream (4.43) . Benny Carter – Lullaby To A Dream (6.59) . Benny Goodman – If Dreams Come True (5.52) . Cal Collins – Dream A Little Dream Of Me (3.12) .


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