Jazzin’Around Some Of These Days

From ‘Some Of These Days’ to ‘Some of these days (Shelton Brooks)’ , we have mixed 18 ‘linked together by a clue‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Shelton Brooks‘. It has Billie Holiday, Bobby Lyle, Sarah Vaughan, Quincy Jones and many more.

IMAGE : I miss you Photo by Doug

Q : What is this “jazzin’around” thing?: A :Well! that was a game for the summertime. But it met such good reactions that we decided to keep on playing for a while. A game to be played alone, between friends or in the family.

Q : A game! Well, it must have rules then ? : A :The game “jazzin’around” borrows from the game of golf : the number of shots (18) and the scoring method (the better you are, the less points you get. Now, if you do not play golf, do not worry, neither do we).
To start a round of “jazzin’around”, you pick a famous track from a famous album. Starting with this song, you compose a playlist of 18 songs. For help, you use whatever internet resource you put your hands on : Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, etc.. or call your local Jazz Expert.

Q : So far, it sounds pretty easy. What else? : A :Easy, yes but no! You need a “link” from one song to the next (a “link” being a common word, the same song or the same performer,…). A “link” can only be used once in a list. (And if possible try to use a little “humour” in your linking). The “nature” of your “link” gives you points : 0 : same title but different song (our hole in one) – 1 : first word = last word of previous song OR same writer and/or composer OR previous artist is the composer – 2 : two words in common (between names of artist+name of song – common words can be extension of one word : ex : “tenderness” or “tenderly” goes with “tender”) – 3 : one word in common (between names of artist+name of song, …) – 4 : same artist – different song (artist can be member of group, duo, trio, etc) OR same song – different artist. Then, on top of each “note”, you receive a bonus (points to deduct) – 5 : last song and first song have same title OR same artist at the end and the beginning.

Q : Gorgeous! Can anyone play this game? : A :Sure and we encourage it : “jazzin’around” is a lot of fun and makes you discover great music or artists you can buy afterwards. Everyone can play alone or with friends, family, office co-workers,… You can compete with two playlists or build one playlist alternatively.

Q : If I am really good at it, can I send you the results? : A :If you are really proud of one (or more) of your playlists, if you achieve a minimum of points, you send us the said lists. If approved, they will be published with your name attached … but,no! you do not win a toaster. Don t even ask!

Russell Morgan Orchestra : In 1949, four of the songs Russ Morgan recorded made it big on the charts. They were “So Tired”, “Cruising Down the River”, “Sunflower” and “Forever and Ever.” On the latter he used a vocal quartet that was just starting out and would later become famous as the Ames Brothers. 1949 was his BIG year.

PLAYLIST : Los Indios Trabajaras – Some Of These Days (2.32) . Quincy Jones – On Days Like These (Vocal) (3.43) . Astrud Gilberto – Who Needs Forever (3.02) . Demis Roussos – Forever And Ever (3.39) . Russ Morgan – Forever And Ever (2.52) . Frank Sinatra – Ever Homeward (Styne) (3.31) . Laura Fygi – Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend (Styne Robin) (2.39) . Dave Pell – Thanks For The Memory (Rainger Robin) (2.53) . Billie Holiday – I wished on the moon (RAinger Dorothy Parker) (3.27) . Original Broadway Cast 1956 – Venice Gavotte (Parker) (3.58) . Sarah Vaughan – I Feel Pretty (2.19) . The Four Lads – Together Wherever We Go (Sondheim) (2.45) . Ray Charles – Here We Go Again (3.19) . Bobby Lyle – Here we go again (4.58) . Archie Bell & The Drells – Here I Go Again (Huff & Gamble) (2.15) . Force Of Nature – Toy Ball (4.20) . The Flying Platters – Darktown Strutters Ball (2.09) . Ethel Waters – Some of these days (Shelton Brooks) (2.57) .


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