Jazzin’Around The Best Is Yet To Come

Starting and ending with Frank Sinatra‘s composition ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’, we have mixed 18 ‘linked together by a clue that you have to guess‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Frank Sinatra‘. It has Ibrahim Ferrer & Omara Portuondo, Bradley Leighton & Paula Prophet, Olivia Byington, Egberto Gismonti and many more.

IMAGE : Pizzeria Paradiso Georgetown Photo by Bernt Rostad

Earl Bostic : Donaldson: I’m telling you, Earl Bostic was the greatest saxophone player I ever knew. I didn’t like him ‘cause sometimes he’d play stuff that I’d consider corny, [with] that wide vibrato and the sound of growling in the mouthpiece. But the man could play three octaves.

Norma Bengell @South American Way : Norma Bengell is an actress, producer, and director. Born in Rio de Janeiro on February 21, 1935. Her film career started with O Homem do Sputnik (1959). In Os Cafajestes (1962), she became Brazil’s first actress to appear nude in a film. The movie was banned because of the scene. She was married to an Italian actor and has appeared in many Italian films herself. In recent years she has directed several documentaries about Brazilian pianists.

Laika Fatien :

Paula Prophet : A Chicago native, Paula was exposed to music at an early age through her mother who sang professionally for a brief time, her grandfather who sang in a barbershop quartet and a grandmother who joyfully taught her grandchild music in a one room school house in the chilly mid-west. “I used to sing myself to sleep as a child,” said Paula, “not realizing how it would be an integral part of my life.” Her only real formal music training was studying classical guitar for several years and the rest she learned from listening to a variety of singers from Motown to classic jazz standards.

Bradley Leighton : Bradley Leighton has a unique and powerful sound bringing a fire and flair not usually heard nor expected from a flutist. Jim Santella of the LA Jazz Scene wrote, “he exhibits the musical virtuosity that has carried his career around the world.” His style of swing evolved from listening to the big, hi-octane bands of Kenton, Herman and Ferguson in the 60’s-70’s while his funkiness derives from years of listening to Tower of Power, Earth, Wind & Fire, the Brecker Brothers and countless other soul/R&B acts. With four highly respected recordings under the Pacific Coast Jazz label and numerous features on other artist’s CDs, Bradley has established himself as one of the worlds premier flute players.

Olivia Byington : O terceiro disco, gravado em Cuba a convite de Sílvio Rodriguez, veio ampliar-lhe os horizontes internacionais que aterram em Lisboa em 1994, depois de muitos discos muitos shows, muita música… Nessa altura, apresenta-se em concertos memoráveis no Teatro Maria Matos onde um público, na altura pouco conhecedor da sua obra, se rende à sua impressionante extensão vocal e ao seu canto, que de tão popular se torna impressionantemente sofisticado, que de tão erudito chega com facilidade ao coração de todos.

Egberto Gismonti @Europe Jazz Network : Egberto Gismonti was born in 1947 in Carmo, Brazil. He began his formal music studies at the age of six on piano. After studying classical music for 15 years, he went to Paris to study with Nadia Boulanger (orchestration and analysis), and composer Jean Barraqué, a disciple of Schönberg and Webern. Returning to Brazil, Gismonti began to glimpse a reality broader than the classical world of music.

PLAYLIST : Laika Fatien – The Best Is Yet To Come (5.12) . Peggy Lee – Big Spender (2.05) . Norma Bengell – On The Sunny Side Of The Street (2.20) . Abbey Lincoln – I Must Have That Man (4.00) . Bradley Leighton & Paula Prophet – That Man (3.56) . Paula Prophet – Only You (4.09) . Zebraville – Only you (2.50) . Earl Bostic – Twilight Time (2.23) . The Three Suns – When Yuba Plays the Rumba on the Tuba (2.47) . Ibrahim Ferrer & Omara Portuondo – As Time Goes By (3.10) . William Gutierrez – As Tears Go By (2.33) . The Rolling Stones – Lady Jane (3.10) . Olivia Byington – Lady Jane (3.15) . Egberto Gismonti – Agua e Vinho (2.20) . Henry Mancini – Wine and Women (2.00) . Silver Streak Soundtrack – The Fun Of Flying (1.53) . Mary Martin & Peter Pan Broadway Cast – I’m Flying (3.52) . Joanie Sommers – The Best Is Yet To Come (2.33) .


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