Epic publish ‘Who Else!’ Jeff Beck’s seventh album featuring Jennifer Batten (1999)

Jeff Beck‘s ‘Who Else!’ is his seventh studio album featuring Jennifer Batten on guitar and released on March 16, 1999 by Epic.

Track Listing : 1.What Mama Said (Jennifer Batten, Jeff Beck, Tony Hymas) – 03:22 . 2.Psycho Sam (Tony Hymas) – 04:55 . 3.Brush With The Blues (Tony Hymas, Jeff Beck) – 06:24 . 4.Blast From The East (Tony Hymas) – 04:46 . 5.Space For The Papa (Tony Hymas) – 07:41 . 6.Angel (Footsteps) (Tony Hymas) – 06:30 . 7.Thx138 (Tony Hymas) – 06:15 . 8.Hip-Notica (Tony Hymas, Jeff Beck) – 04:40 . 9.Even Odds (Jan Hammer) – 03:29 . 10.Declan (Dónal Lunny) – 04:02 . 11.Another Place (Tony Hymas) – 01:48

Musicians : Jeff Beck – Guitar . Jennifer Batten – Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer . Mark John – Guitar On (10) . Tony Hymas – Keyboard Except(9), Sound Effects . Jan Hammer – Keyboard On (9), Drums On (9) . Simon Wallace – Synthesizer On (10) . Steve Alexander – Drums Except(2 – 9) . Manu Katché – Drums On (2), Percussion On (2) . Randy Hope-Taylor – Bass Except(2) . Pino Palladino – Bass On (2) . Bob Loveday – Violin On (10) . Clive Bell – Flute On (10)

Production : Produced By Jeff Beck, Tony Hymas . Chris Sheldon – Mixing . Bob Ludwig – Mastering

Recorded In 1998.

Released On March 16, 1999 By Epic.

(Source Jeff Beck – Who Else! | Official Site)

Beck‘s ‘Who Else!’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]’ />


Beck is a true rock player, as he is often as noisy and raunchy as he is musical. Beck combines nearly all his knowledge of his previous efforts and brings them to bear on these heartless machines and injects some soul into everything as a result. This is a highly interesting and quite good record. […]

Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
Half the tracks sport pounding techno beatsand although it’s basically amusing, often it’s a deafening bore – Beck is louder and harder-edged than ever here (“Space For The Papa”). But they do serve up plenty of sharp stuff that isn’t techno by any means: a mellow guitar solo; a herky-jerky funk groove with odd timing and slithery riffs…. […]

Rolling Stone
But we put up with it all, because Beck, at fifty-four, is at the peak of his technique; secure in his chops, oblivious to fads, he makes records that celebrate the guitar’s capacity for physical sensation. […]


Jeff Beck‘s ‘Who Else!’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]



BeckBeck In The Day’ width=’190′ height=’161’/>
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Beck, Bogert & Appice
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Yardbirds‘ ‘Roger the Engineer’ ‘ width=’190’ height=’161’/>
Beck‘s ‘Live at The Hollywood Bowl” width=’190’ height=’161’/>

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