Jeff Beck releases ‘Beck-Ola,’ his second album featuring Rod Stewart (1969)

Jeff Beck‘s ‘Beck-Ola’ is his second album featuring Rod Stewart and released in June 1969 by Emi Columbia.


Jeff Beck releases ‘Beck-Ola,’ his second album featuring Rod Stewart (1969)

1 . Rice Pudding (1969)

Track Listing : 1.All Shook Up (Otis Blackwell, Elvis Presley) – 04:50 . 2.Spanish Boots (Ronnie Wood, Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart) – 03:34 . 3.Girl From Mill Valley (Nicky Hopkins) – 03:45 . 4.Jailhouse Rock (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) – 03:14 . 5.Plynth (Water Down The Drain) (Nicky Hopkins, Ronnie Wood, Rod Stewart) – 03:05 . 6.The Hangman’S Knee (Tony Newman, Jeff Beck, Nicky Hopkins, Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood) – 04:47 . 7.Rice Pudding (Nicky Hopkins, Ronnie Wood, Jeff Beck,Tony Newman) – 07:22

Rene Magritte

Musicians : Jeff Beck – Guitars . Rod Stewart – Vocals . Nicky Hopkins – Piano, Organ . Ronnie Wood – Bass . Tony Newman – Drums

Production : Produced By Mickie Most Martin Birch – Engineer

Package : Rene Magritte asterisques RVM – Cover Painting

Recorded April 3–19, 1969 At De Lane Lea Studios.

Released In June 1969 By Emi Columbia.

(Source Jeff Beck – Beck-Ola | Official Site)

Jeff Beck


The jammy “Rice Pudding” and “The Hangman’s Knee” almost have a smile around the edges. With takes on Elvis and assaults on BB King covers, Beck-Ola stands strong, without ever indicating it satisfied the mainman’s restless spirit. […]

Ultimate Classic Rock
As he did with the Yardbirds’ gem ‘Shapes Of Things’ on ‘Truth,’ he reworks the Presley tune here, taking it from a simple, bouncy little rocker and transforming it into a growling, blusey stomper. […]

Rolling Stone
Outside of Jorma of the Airplane, Beck plays the most unpredictable guitar lines in rock, yet manages to combine them with a heavy blues feeling. He is capable of enormous speed and precision, yet his technique is almost always in service to a fertile, bizarre imagination. […]


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