Jeff Buckley records his first commercial album : ‘Live at Sin-é’ in New York City (1993)

Jeff Buckley‘s ‘Live at Sin-é’ is his first commercial album recorded on July 19,and August 17, 1993 at Sin-é, New York, NY and released on November 23, 1993 by Columbia.


Jeff Buckley records his first commercial album : ‘Live at Sin-é’ in New York City (1993)

Track Listing : 1.Mojo Pin (Jeff Buckley, Gary Lucas) – 05:52 . 2.Eternal Life (Jeff Buckley) – 05:43 . 3.Je N’En Connais Pas La Fin (I Don’T Know The End Of It) (Raymond Asso, Marguerite Monnot) – 05:00 . 4.The Way Young Lovers Do (Van Morrison) – 10:02

Musicians : Jeff Buckley – Guitar, Vocals

Production : Produced By Steve Berkowitz, Jeff Buckley . Michel Sauvage – Engineer . Michael Brauer – Mixing . Greg Calbi – Mastering

Package : Merri Cyr – Photography

Recorded On July 19 And August 17, 1993 At Sin-É, New York, Ny.

Released On November 23, 1993 By Columbia.

(Source Jeff Buckley‘s ‘Live at Sin-é’ | Official Website)


Rolling Stone
“I’m a ridiculous person,” he admits. “And you’re lucky you’ve paid no money to see me.” It’s a rare, humble moment from one entranced by his own burgeoning mythology. […]

Modern Rock
A lot of people are put off by things they don’t understand right awayand often they will either ignore it or fear it. Jeff Buckley, at least the first time I heard his collection of demos, fell on deaf ears for me. I had read a review in Rolling Stone for Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunkand I was intrigued. I picked it upand didn’t think much of it. It was good in spots, but nothing really hit me. It was a schizophrenic record of rough tracks that sounded unfinished, which they were. But about a year later, I came across Grace. […]

This Recording.
By that time, however, the streets outside Sin-é were lined with record label executives hoping to snag Buckley for a solo album. That October, Buckley signed with Columbia, hired a drummer and bassistand … […]


Jeff Buckley‘s ‘Live at Sin-é’


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