We Remember Jim Morrison

We Remember Jim Morrison

July 3, 1971 – James Douglas Morrison simply known as Jim Morrison, American singer and poet, lead vocalist of The Doors passed away aged 27. He is remembered.


The Doors’ ‘L.A. Woman’ feat. ‘Riders On The Storm’ is their sixth studio album (and the last to feature Jim Morrison) released on April 19, 1971 by Elektra. >>

The Doors’ ‘Absolutely Live’ is their first live album recorded between July 1969 and May 1970 and released on July 20, 1970 by Elektra. >>

‘The Doors’ is their eponymous debut album released on January 4, 1967 and featuring ‘Light My Fire’, ‘Alabama Song’ and ‘The End’ >>

The Doors’ ‘Morrison Hotel’ is their fifth studio album released on February 9, 1970 by Elektra. >>

The Doors ‘Strange Days’ feat.’People Are Strange’ and ‘Love Me Two Times’ is their second studio album released on September 25, 1967 by Elektra >>

The Doors’ ‘Full Circle’ is their eighth studio album (the second after Morrison’s death) released on August 15, 1972 by Elektra. >>

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