Joan Armatrading releases ‘Into the Blues,’ her sixteenth album (2007)

Joan Armatrading’s ‘Into the Blues’ is her sixteenth studio album released on May 1, 2007 by 429, Hypertension.

Track Listing : 1.A Woman In Love (Joan Armatrading) – 03:54 . 2.Play The Blues (Joan Armatrading) – 04:32 . 3.Into The Blues (Joan Armatrading) – 04:22 . 4.Liza (Joan Armatrading) – 04:07 . 5.Secular Songs (Joan Armatrading) – 04:11 . 6.My Baby’S Gone (Joan Armatrading) – 03:35 . 7.D.N.A. (Joan Armatrading) – 04:02 . 8.Baby Blue Eyes (Joan Armatrading) – 03:55 . 9.Deep Down (Joan Armatrading) – 03:58 . 10.There Ain’T A Little Girl Alive (Joan Armatrading) – 04:25 . 11.Empty Highway (Joan Armatrading) – 05:25 . 12.Mama Papa (Joan Armatrading) – 04:00 . 13.Something’S Gotta Blow (Joan Armatrading) – 08:02

Musicians : Joan Armatrading – Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Bass, Harp, Keyboards, Harmonica . Miles Bould – Drums & Percussion

Production : Produced By Joan Armatrading . Graham Dickson – Engineer . Joan Armatrading – Engineer, Mixing . Graham Dickson – Mixing

Package : Andrew Catlin – Photography . David Alan Kogut – Art Direction

Recorded 20069 – 2007 At Bumpkin Studios.

ReleasedOn May 1, 2007 By 429, Hypertension.


Into the Blues amounts to a mixed affair. While it’s reassuring that Armatrading—once one of the jewels in A&M Records’ crown—continues to write and record, it’s doubtful that she’ll earn any new fans strictly on the merits of this release […]

Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
It’s all so dynamic, heartfelt and real, you’re inclined to give her a pass on the few tunes with hermetic production, familiar melodies, or both (“A Woman In Love,” with a main riff borrowed from Sting’s “Set Them Free”). She even manages to put over a tune based on one chord and two words (“Deep Down”) – […]

The Compulsive Reader
Neglect should not be the case for Armatrading: she is unique, the kind of musician who has contributed a rare sound and sense—and the same could be said for very different musicians of the last twenty, thirty, or forty years, … […]


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