Joe Bonamassa records ‘An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House’ (2012)

Joe Bonamassa‘s ‘An’ Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House’ is a live album recorded on July 3, 2012 during a two-week long unplugged tour and released on March 25, 2013 by J&R Adventures


Joe Bonamassa records ‘An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House’ (2012)

Track Listing : 1.Arrival (Jeff Bova, Kevin Shirley) – 02:05 . 2.Palm Trees, Helicopters And Gasoline (Joe Bonamassa) – 02:17 . 3.Jelly Roll (John Martyn) – 02:41 . 4.Dust Bowl (Joe Bonamassa) – 05:17 . 5.Around The Bend (Joe Bonamassa, Will Jennings) – 06:05 . 6.Slow Train (Joe Bonamassa, Kevin Shirley) – 06:37 . 7.Athens To Athens (Joe Bonamassa) – 05:45 . 8.From The Valley (Joe Bonamassa) – 02:20 . 9.The Ballad Of John Henry (Joe Bonamassa) – 07:18 . 10.Dislocated Boy (Joe Bonamassa) – 05:55 . 11.Driving Towards The Daylight (Joe Bonamassa, Danny Kortchmar) – 05:16 . 12.High Water Everywhere (Charley Patton) – 04:36 . 13.Jockey Full Of Bourbon (Tom Waits) – 05:27 . 14.Richmond (Joe Bonamassa, Mike Himelstein) – 05:08 . 15.Stones In My Passway (Robert Johnson) – 04:03 . 16.Ball Peen Hammer (Chris Whitley) – 03:34 . 17.Black Lung Heartache (Joe Bonamassa) – 03:56 . 18.Mountain Time (Joe Bonamassa) – 03:33 . 19.Woke Up Dreaming (Joe Bonamassa, Will Jennings) – 05:36 . 20.Sloe Gin (Bob Ezrin, Michael Kamen) – 07:16 . 21.Seagull (Mick Ralphs, Paul Rodgers) – 06:16

Musicians : Joe Bonamassa – Vocals, Guitars . Gerry O Connor – Irish Fiddle, Mandolin, Irish Banjo . Mats Wester – Nyckelharpa, A Swedish Keyed-Fiddle . Arlan Schierbaum – Accordions, Celeste, Toy Pianos . Lenny Castro – Percussions

Production : Produced By Kevin Shirley . Jared Kvitka – Engineer . Matt Naylor – Monitor Engineer . Eric Roa – Engineer . Kevin Shirley – Mixing . Leon Zervos – Mastering

Package : Joe Bonamassa – Liner Notes . Philippe Klose – Photography . Marcus Sweeney-Bird – Photography

Recorded On July 3, 2012 At The Vienna Opera House.

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Joe Bonamassa says ‘To say this was a challenge is an understatement. To say this was a departure from anything I had ever done before is an even bigger understatement. I can say with full certainty that it was the most enjoyable tour I have ever done. On this tour I really learned the virtues of my singing lessons over the years. ‘ […]

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Acoustic gamble pays off for guitarist Joe BonamassaThere are times when the results remind of the acoustic side of Led Zeppelin (circa Zep III) with acoustic guitar, mandolin and a huge drum sound. The blues is not neglected nor his old stuff like Sloe Gin, but the record is a rampant success across a variety of styles and a side to Joe Bonamassa that many did not see. […]

You could almost treat this as a Bonamassa ‘Best of’ but there has been so much output along those lines with his Albert Hall and Beacon Theatre releases that he needed to come up with something fresh and this just about does it. The songs are the true strength here, along with his playing and, oddly enough, the weakest element of the music is his voice and that may be the acoustic of the hall itself. […]


Joe Bonamassa‘s ‘An’ Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House’


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