Joe Bonamassa records his first live album : ‘A New Day Yesterday Live’ in Fort Wayne, Indiana (2001)

Joe Bonamassa‘s ‘A New Day Yesterday Live’ is his first live album recorded on December 21, 2001 in Fort Wayne, Indiana and released in 2002 by Premier Artists.


Joe Bonamassa records his first live album : ‘A New Day Yesterday Live’ in Fort Wayne, Indiana (2001)

1 . Steppin Out (w/ Ron De Jesus, The Baked Potato, L.A.)

2 . Steppin’ Out (w/ Eric Johnson, Hollywood Hob, January 19, 2012)

3 . A New Day Yesterday

4 . Miss You, Hate You (Live)

5 . Trouble Waiting

6 . If Heartaches Were Nickels (Live)

7 . Don’t Burn Down That Bridge (Borderline, )

Track Listing : 1.Jam Intro (Joe Bonamassa) – 03:21 . 2.Cradle Rock (Rory Gallagher) – 03:37 . 3.Steppin’ Out/Rice Pudding (Nicky Hopkins, Ronnie Wood, Jeff Beck, Tony Newman) – 05:31 . 4.A New Day Yesterday (Ian Anderson) – 08:05 . 5.Miss You, Hate You (Joe Bonamassa, Richard Feldman) – 07:20 . 6.Walk In My Shadows (Paul Rodgers, Paul Kossoffandy Fraser, Simon Kirke) – 05:57 . 7.I Know Where I Belong (Joe Bonamassa) – 10:14 . 8.Colour And Shape (Joe Bonamassa) – 06:12 . 9.Trouble Waiting (Joe Bonamassa, Steve Tyrell, Stephanie Tyrell) – 04:36 . 10.If Heartaches Were Nickels (Warren Haynes) – 07:42 . 11.Don’T Burn Down That Bridge (Allen Jones, Carl Wells) – 08:22

Musicians : Eric Czar – Bass . Kenny Kramme – Drums

Production : Produced By David Brinker, David Fritz, Roy Weisman . Josh Engelhardt – Engineer . Drew Lavyne – Engineer . William Putt – Engineer . Joe Blaney – Mixing

Recorded On December 21, 2001 At Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Released 2002 By Premier Artists.

(Source Joe Bonamassa – A New Day Yesterday Live | Official Site)

Though after listening to this album for several hours, you’ll begin to love it more and more. ‘Miss You Hate You’ is particularly good. So is his interpretation of Free’s song, ‘Walk in My Shadow’. […]

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This was a great show! Unfortunatly most of the crowd became to intoxicated to help in the second take recordings of Miss You Hate You & If Heartaches were Nickels. – See more at: […]

From the opening power chords that open the “Jam (Intro)” you can tell this ain’t going to be any type of sedentary release. Purists will probably hate this, but what do they know. (this is the 21st century baby) […]


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