Joe Bonamassa releases his second album : ‘So, It’s Like That’ (2002)

Joe Bonamassa’s ‘So, It’s Like That’ is his second studio album released on August 13, 2002 by J&R Adventures.

Track Listing : 1.My Mistake (Joe Bonamassa, Mark Lizotte) – 04:53 . 2.Lie #1 (Joe Bonamassa, Mike Himelstein) – 04:22 . 3.No Slack (Joe Bonamassa, Mark Lizotte) – 05:05 . 4.Unbroken (Annie Roboff, Holly Lamar) – 03:48 . 5.So, It’S Like That (Joe Bonamassa, Mike Himelstein) – 02:49 . 6.Waiting For Me (Joe Bonamassa, Richard Feldman, Eric Pressly) – 03:53 . 7.Never Say Goodbye (Joe Bonamassa, Curt Schneider) – 03:32 . 8.Mountain Time (Joe Bonamassa, Will Jennings) – 03:41 . 9.Pain And Sorrow (Joe Bonamassa, Richard Feldman, Eric Pressly) – 010:36 . 10.Takin’ The Hit (Joe Bonamassa, Mike Himelstein) – 04:43 . 11.Under The Radar (Joe Bonamassa, Dave Bassett) – 03:20 . 12.Sick In Love (Joe Bonamassa, Mike Himelstein) – 03:24 . 13.The Hard Way (Joe Bonamassa, Richard Feldman, Dave Bassett) – 07:48

Musicians : Joe Bonamassa – Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals . Eric Czar – Bass, Fretless Bass . Kenny Kramme – Drums . Matt Wilcox – Keyboards . Clif Magness – Hammond Organ, Piano, Percussion, Programming . Dave Bassett – Backing Vocals . Curt Schneider – Backing Vocals

Production : Produced By Joe Bonamassa, Clif Magness, Matt Chiaravalle, Richard Feldman, Dave Bassett Clif Magness – Engineer, Mixing . Matt Chiaravalle – Mixing . Dave Bassett – Mixing . Dan Marnien – Engineer . Doug Messenger – Assistant Engineer . Curt Schneider – Mixing . Emily Lazar – Mastering . Sarah Register – Assistant Mastering

Package : Bryan Rackleff – Art Direction

Recorded 2001 – 2002 At Unique Recording Studios Nyc.

Released On August 13, 2002 By J&R Adventures.


Bonamassa plays a lot of different types of stringed instruments on the set, including a mandolin, which allows for a most unusual and spectacular combination of acoustic and electric sounds. Bonamassa manages to blend the gentle with the ferocious in a way that is, at several points on the set, absolutely brilliant. […]
Overall, this album is fantastic. I might even go as far as to say that it’s my favourite Bonamassa album. However, it’s important to remember the big differences between this music and his other blues stuff. […]

Joe Bonamassa’s ‘So, It’s Like That’



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