Island release Joe Cocker’s ‘Sheffield Steel’ recorded with the Compass Point Allstars (1982)

Joe Cocker‘s ‘Sheffield Steel’ is his eighth studio album recorded at Compass Point Studios, Nassau and released on May 22, 1982 by Island.


Island release Joe Cocker’s  ‘Sheffield Steel’ recorded with the Compass Point Allstars (1982)

1 . Sweet Little Woman

2 . Seven Days (Montreux)

3 . Many Rivers To Cross (Dortmund)

4 . Many Rivers To Cross

5 . Just Like Always (1988)

Joe Cocker – Sheffield Steel

Track Listing : 1.Look What You’Ve Done (Leo Nocentelli) . 2.Shocked (Ira Ingber, Greg Sutton) . 3.Sweet Little Woman (Andy Fraser) . 4.Seven Days (Bob Dylan) . 5.Marie (Randy Newman) . 6.Ruby Lee (Bill Withers, Melvin Dunlap) . 7.Many Rivers To Cross (Jimmy Cliff) . 8.So Good, So Right (Brenda Russell) . 9.Talking Back To The Night (Steve Winwood, Will Jennings) . 10.Just Like Always (Jimmy Webb)

Anton Corbijn‘>

Musicians : Joe Cocker – Lead Vocals . Wally Badarou – Keyboards . Robert Palmer – Vocals . Jimmy Cliff – Vocals . Adrian Bellew – Guitar . Barry Reynolds – Guitar, Vocals . Mikey Chung – Guitar . Sly Dunbar – Drums . Robbie Shakespeare – Bass . Uziah Sticky Thompson – Percussion

Production : Produced By Chris Blackwell, Alex Sadkin . Benji Armbrister – Engineer . Ted Jensen – Mastering . Alex Sadkin – Engineer

Package : Anton Corbijn Anton Corbijn‘>asterisques RVM – Photography . David Oxtoby – Artwork

Recorded 1981 – 1982 At Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas.

ReleasedOn May 22, 1982 By Island .

(Source Joe Cocker‘s ‘Sheffield Steel’ | The Official Joe Cocker Site)


Only Solitaire
. A couple solid tracksand, well, it’s Cocker, let’s not forget about that. Maybe the addition of his voice doesn’t exactly make everything turn to gold, but at least it does make everything turn to… er… whatever the table of periodic elements says. Stay away anyway – if you’re so desperate for an Eighties Cocker album, just grab something which has catchier songs on it, even if everything post-1982 will seriously suffer from overproduction. […]

A great moment on the album comes in the form of “Many Rivers to Cross”, a song whose backing arrangement meshes perfectly with Cocker’s voice. “It’s such a drag to be on your own”, he sings, resembling the ideal that former Black Crowes lead singer Chris Robinson tried on New Earth Mud. If there’s one drawback, it’s the fact that it fades far quicker than it needs to. […]

Robert Christgau
No, his voice isn’t shot, though it’s certainly lost a lot of soft edges and warm crannies–a lot of phlegm. Partial compensation provided by the decline of L.A.: there are more good songs lying around than at any time since Cocker and Three Dog Night invented interpretive rock way back…. […]


Joe Cocker‘s ‘Sheffield Steel’


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