Joe Lovano records the album ‘Rush Hour’ with with an orchestra conducted by Gunther Schuller (1994)

Joe Lovano‘s ‘Rush Hour’ is an album recorded with an orchestra arranged and conducted by Gunther Schuller, between April 6 & June 12, 1994 and released in 1995 by Blue Note.

Track Listing : 1.Prelude To A Kiss (Duke Ellington, Irving Gordon, Irving Mills) – 03:58 . 2.Peggy’S Blue Skylight (Charles Mingus) – 03:33 . 3.Wildcat (Joe Lovano) – 02:57 . 4.Angel Eyes (Earl Brent, Matt Dennis) – 05:09 . 5.Rush Hour On 23Rd Street (Gunther Schuller) – 08:53 . 6.Crespuscle With Nellie (Thelonious Monk) – 05:43 . 7.Lament For M (Gunther Schuller) – 05:41 . 8.Topsy Turvy (Joe Lovano) – 04:27 . 9.The Love I Long For (Howard Dietz, Vernon Duke) – 03:11 . 10.Juniper’S Garden (Joe Lovano) – 02:40 . 11.Kathline Gray (Ornette Coleman) – 03:26 . 12.Headin’ Out Movin’ In (Gunther Schuller) – 11:13 . 13.Chelsea Bridge (Billy Strayhorn) – 03:41

Musicians : Joe Lovano – Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Drums . Jack Walrath – Trumpet . David Taylor – Bass Trombone, Tuba . John Clark – French Horn . Richard Oatts – Flute, Tenor Saxophone . Ed Schuller, Mark Helias – Bass . George Schuller – Drums . James Chirillo – Guitar . Judi Silvano – Vocals

Production : Produced By Joe Lovano, Gunther Schuller

Arrangements : Joe Lovano, Gunther Schuller

Recorded Between April 6 & June 12, 1994.

Released In 1995 By Blue Note.

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His improvisations (mostly on tenor) push the boundaries of this already adventurous music and his sound (which occasionally hints a little at Clifford Jordan) is quite original; on the basis of this date alone, Lovano must rank as one of the top tenors of the 1990s. […]

Los Angeles Times
Influenced, to some extent, by Gil Evans in certain areas of his orchestrations, Schuller adds his own unique capacity to create lush, dense, but never syrupy textures for the string and woodwind sections. […]

Ted Burke
I am amazed at Lovanos’ control over his technique and inspiration: he seems to draw a cool, fluctuating of bends and slurs from his horn: his ability to step inside the tradition and then step out of it again to entertain some grainier abstractions brings Wayne Shorter to mind. Not that one stops at the comparasion, only that Shorter comes closest to doing what’s evident in Lovanos’ inventions. […]


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