Epic publish Joe Satriani’s ‘Unstoppable Momentum,’ his fourteenth album (2013)

Joe Satriani‘s ‘Unstoppable Momentum’ is his fourteenth studio album released on May 7, 2013 by Epic.


Epic publish Joe Satriani’s ‘Unstoppable Momentum,’ his fourteenth album (2013)

Track Listing : 1.Unstoppable Momentum (Joe Satriani) – 05:14 . 2.Can’T Go Back (Joe Satriani) – 03:58 . 3.Lies And Truths (Joe Satriani) – 04:44 . 4.Three Sheets To The Wind (Joe Satriani) – 03:22 . 5.I’Ll Put A Stone On Your Cairn (Joe Satriani) – 01:42 . 6.A Door Into Summer (Joe Satriani) – 04:16 . 7.Shine On American Dreamer (Joe Satriani) – 04:46 . 8.Jumpin’ In (Joe Satriani) – 05:11 . 9.Jumpin’ Out (Joe Satriani) – 03:51 . 10.The Weight Of The World (Joe Satriani) – 05:07 . 11.A Celebration (Joe Satriani) – 02:47

Musicians : Joe Satriani – Guitar, Keyboard, Harmonica . Mike Keneally – Keyboard . Vinnie Colaiuta – Drums . Chris Chaney – Bass

Production : Produced By Joe Satriani, Mike Fraser . Joe Satriani – Engineer . Mike Fraser – Engineer, Mixing . Judy Kirschner – Engineer . Mike Boden – Digital Editing . Brad Salter – Mixing Assistance . Ryan Smith – Mastering

Package : Chapman Baehler – Photography . Todd Gallopo – Art Direction

Recorded Late 2012 – Early 2013 At Skywalker Sound In Marin County, California; Studio 21 In San Francisco.

Released On May 7, 2013 By Epic.

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Ultimate Classic Rock
But if you think all instrumental rock just amounts to meaningless noodling, you probably won’t get much out of ‘Unstoppable Momentum.’ Still, Satriani delivers on almost every track, showcasing a compositional depth that reveals something new with each listen. […]

Guitar World
Joe Satriani Lets His Imagination and Fingers Run Wild on New Album, ‘Unstoppable Momentum’Most of the songs on Unstoppable Momentum were born in the townhouse that Joe shares with Rubina, his wife of many years. It’s a spacious and homey place, tastefully appointed with antique furniture, contemporary art and decorative pieces from Tibet and China. When Joe’s not on the road, he shares cooking duties at home with Rubina […]

Guitar Noize
This album definitely gets better with each listen and grows on you but it didn’t have the same blown away factor that I had with Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards where I love every track from start to finish. […]


Epic publish Joe Satriani’s ‘Unstoppable Momentum,’ his fourteenth album (2013)

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Joe Satriani‘s ‘Unstoppable Momentum’


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