Joe Walsh releases ‘But Seriously, Folks…’ recorded with the other four members of Eagles (1978)

Joe Walsh‘s “But Seriously, Folks…” is his fourth studio album featuring the other four members of the Eagles and released on May 16, 1978 by Asylum.


Joe Walsh releases ‘But Seriously, Folks…’ recorded with the other four members of Eagles (1978)

1 . Over And Over (9/18/2015, Warren, Ohio, Packard Music Hall)

2 . Indian Summer (2007)

3 . Tomorrow

4 . Life’s Been Good

5 . Life’s Been Good

Joe Walsh – But Seriously, Folks…

Track Listing : 1.Over And Over (Joe Walsh) – 04:53 . 2.Second Hand Store (Mike Murphy, Walsh) – 03:35 . 3.Indian Summer (Joe Walsh) – 03:03 . 4.At The Station (Joe Vitale, Joe Walsh) – 05:08 . 5.Tomorrow (Joe Walsh) – 03:39 . 6.Inner Tube (Joe Walsh) – 01:25 . 7.Theme From Boat Weirdos (Jay Ferguson, Bill Szymczyk, Joe Vitale, Joe Walsh, Willie Weeks) – 04:43 . 8.Life’S Been Good (Joe Walsh) – 08:04

Musicians : Joe Walsh – Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizer . Joe Vitale – Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer, Flute, Backing Vocals . Willie Weeks – Bass Guitar . Jay Ferguson – Keyboards, Vocals . Joey Murcia – Guitar . Don Felder – Pedal Steel Guitar On (2) And Guitar On (4) . Timothy B. Schmit – Backing Vocals . Bill Szymczyk – Tambourine, Vocals, Background Vocals . Jody Boyer – Backing Vocals . Glenn Frey – Backing Vocals . Don Henley – Backing Vocals

Production : Produced By Joe Walsh, Bill Szymczyk . Ted Jensen – Mastering . Ed Mashal – Engineer . Bill Szymczyk – Engineer

Package : Lorrie Sullivan – Photography . Jimmy Wachtel – Design, Photography

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Hungs World
One of my friends told me that he had “heard” that this album was a contractual obligation and that Walsh simply threw together a group of songs to fulfill his part of the deal. Some parts of the album do reflect this however if you read other reviews of this work nothing at all is mentioned about the subject. […]

Classic Rock Review
That band adopted “Life’s Been Good” during their final tour and, when Walsh ran a mock campaign for President in 1980, one of the planks of his platform was to make “Life’s Been Good” the new national anthem. […]

Ultimate Classic Rock
Walsh and Felder then reanimate their twin-guitar “Hotel California” entanglement on “At the Station.” But it remains, at its core, Walsh’s record, dominated not by the Eagles but by Walsh’s vision. […]


Joe Walsh‘s “But Seriously, Folks…”


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