Columbia publish Joe Zawinul’s ‘Di•a•lects’ (1986)

Joe Zawinul‘s ‘Di•a•lects’ is an album released in June 1986 by Columbia.


Columbia publish Joe Zawinul’s ‘Di•a•lects’ (1986)

1 . Carnavalito

2 . Zansa II/Carnavalito (8/16/1997, Newport Jazz Festival)

Track Listing : 1.The Harvest (Joe Zawinul) – 06:04 . 2.Waiting For The Rain (Joe Zawinul) – 07:38 . 3.Zeebop (Joe Zawinul) – 04:50 . 4.The Great Empire (Joe Zawinul) – 03:57 . 5.Carnavalito (Joe Zawinul) – 06:18 . 6.6 A.M./Walking On The Nile (Joe Zawinul) – 07:06 . 7.Peace (Joe Zawinul) – 06:49

Norman Seeff

Musicians : Joe Zawinul – Synthesizers, Vocals . Bobby Mcferrin – Vocals . Carl Anderson – Vocals . Dee Dee Bellson – Vocals . Alfie Silas – Vocals

Production : Produced By Joe Zawinul Paul Erickson – Engineer . Seth Foster – Mastering . Peter Kelsey – Engineer . Mark Wilder – Mastering

Package : Sam Emerson – Photography . Howard Fritzson – Art Direction . David Gahr – Photography . Bill Milkowski – Liner Notes . Richie Powell – Art Direction . Norman Seeff asterisques RVM – Photography . Joe Zawinul – Cover Art

Recorded 1986.

Released In June 1986 By Columbia.

(Source Joe Zawinul – Dialects | Joe Zawinul online)

Joe Zawinul

Listening to Joe Zawinul’s “Dialects” through the lens of history Three decades of electronic dance music have accustomed our ears to the type of steady pulse that Zawinul tapped into so early in its development. Instead of hearing a lack of “jazz feel” on the recording, I now marvel at how much music Zawinul does play over the rhythm track. […]

MusicWeb International
This music has grown on me increasingly with repeated listening, and I have found it to be not only a highly significant historic document but also a most rewarding aural experience. […]

Back in ’86, as Wynton Marsalis was spearheading the jazz community into a revisionist state, erstwhile fusion pioneer Joe Zawinul unleashed a “fuck you” response record. “Dialects” took (then disintegrating) Weather Report’s wall of electronic sound approach, upped the synthesizer ante, and infused some world beat rhythms. […]


Joe Zawinul‘s ‘Di•a•lects’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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