Happy Birthday John Cale

March 9, 1942 – John Cale, Welsh singer, musician, composer etc. and ex Lou Reed’s colleague in the Velvet Underground is 77. Happy Birthday, Sir


‘The Velvet Underground’ is their eponymous third album (the first with Doug Yule in replacement to John Cale) recorded in 1968 in Hollywood and released in March 1969 by MGM >>

The Velvet Underground & Nico’ is their debut album recorded on Andy Warhol’s ‘Exploding Plastic Inevitable’ multimedia event tour and released on March 12, 1967 by Verve Records. >>

Patti Smith ‘s ‘Horses’ is her debut studio album produced by John Cale and released on December 13, 1975 by Arista Records. >>

The Velvet Underground ‘s ‘Loaded’ is their fourth studio album (the last with Lou Reed) released on November 15, 1970 by Cotillion / Atlantic Records. >>

Brian Eno ‘s ‘Another Green World’ is his third studio album featuring Robert Fripp, Phil Collins and John Cale as guests and released in September 1975 by Island Records . >>

‘The Modern Lovers’ is their eponymous debut studio album produced (partly) by John Cale. and released in August 1976 by Beserkley Records >>

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