John Coltrane records ‘Coltrane’ with Mccoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones (1962)

‘Coltrane (1962)’ is a studio album by John Coltrane recorded on April 11, June 19, 20 and 29, 1962 and released In August 1962 by Impulse!..

Track Listing : 1.Out Of This World (Harold Arlen) – 14:06 . 2.Soul Eyes (Mal Waldron) – 05:26 . 3.The Inch Worm (Frank Loesser) – 06:19 . 4.Tunji (John Coltrane) – 06:33 . 5.Miles’ Mode (John Coltrane) – 07:31

Musicians : John Coltrane – Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone . Mccoy Tyner – Piano . Jimmy Garrison – Bass . Elvin Jones – Drums

Production : Produced By Bob Thiele . Rudy Van Gelder – Engineer

Package : Pete Turner – Photography

Recorded On April 11, June 19, 20and 29, 1962 At Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs.

Released In August 1962 By Impulse!.


Considered by many to be his finest single album, Coltrane finds John Coltrane displaying all of the exciting elements that sparked brilliance and allowed his fully formed instrumental voice to shine through in the most illuminating manner. […]

burtonrulez @ RateYourMusic
What I love about Trane in a quartet is how much he owns every track. Sure the other players aren’t essentially pushed to the sideline and McCoy Tyner especially gets his chances to shine, but … […]

Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
Coltrane plays around with tempo and key; and “The Inch Worm,” like “Favorite Things” a masterful deconstruction of a silly tune. […]


‘Coltrane (1962)’



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Playing Coltrane

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