John Coltrane records ‘Coltrane Plays the Blues’ with McCoy Tyner, Steve Davis and Elvin Jones (1960)

John Coltrane‘s ‘Coltrane Plays the Blues’ is an album recorded on October 24, 1960 during the sessions for ‘My Favorite Things.’

Track Listing : 1.Blues To Elvin (Elvin Jones) – 07:53 . 2.Blues To Bechet (John Coltrane) – 05:46 . 3.Blues To You (John Coltrane) – 06:29 . 4.Mr. Day (John Coltrane) – 07:56 . 5.Mr. Syms (John Coltrane) – 05:22 . 6.Mr. Knight (John Coltrane) – 07:31

Musicians : John Coltrane — Soprano Saxophone On (2 – 5), Tenor Saxophone Except (2 – 5) . Mccoy Tyner — Piano . Steve Davis — Bass . Elvin Jones — Drums

Production : Produced By Nesuhi Ertegün .

Package : Bob Slutzky Graphics — Cover Design . Joe Goldberg — Liner Notes

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sdrawkcab @ RateYourMusic
This record, for me, is the primary exponent of that element of Trane’s Playing. The B-side – ‘Mr Day’ ‘Mr. Syms’, and ‘Mr. Knight’ – all sound like a big fuck you that’s so beautiful it’s disarming. The A-side, on the other hand, does not sound angry at all. I can only hear love. […]

Wondering Sound
His six blues take the 12-bar form relatively straight, though they get modernized in the retelling. Most arresting is “Mr. Day,” where Coltrane’s flights are tethered to a recurring two-note figure that recalls circular West African folk melodies (or this solo from Burkina Faso on a homemade reed, the bounkam). […]

As for the phrase “plays the blues” in the title, that’s not an indicator that the tunes are conventional blues (they aren’t). It’s more indicative of a bluesy sensibility, whether he is playing muscular saxophone or, on “Blues to Bechet” and “Mr. Syms,” the more unusual sounding (at the time) soprano sax […]


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