Decca publish John Mayall’s first studio album : ‘Blues Breakers’ recorded with Eric Clapton (1966)

John Mayall‘s ‘Blues Breakers’ is his first studio album recorded with ex-Yardbird Eric Clapton and (released on July 22, 1966 by Decca.


Decca publish John Mayall’s first studio album : ‘Blues Breakers’ recorded  with Eric Clapton (1966)

1 . Have you heard about my baby (part 1)

2 . Have you heard about my baby (part 2)

Track Listing : 1.All Your Love (Otis Rush) – 03:38 . 2.Hideaway / The Walk (Freddie King/Sonny Thompson / Jimmy Mccracklin) – 03:17 . 3.Little Girl (John Mayall) – 02:36 . 4.Another Man (John Mayall) – 01:47 . 5.Double Crossing Time (Eric Clapton, John Mayall) – 03:04 . 6.What’D I Say / Day Tripper (Ray Charles, John Lennon, Paul Mccartney) – 04:28 . 7.Key To Love (John Mayall) – 02:08 . 8.Parchman Farm (Mose Allison) – 02:22 . 9.Have You Heard (John Mayall) – 05:56 . 10.Ramblin’ On My Mind (Robert Johnson, Traditional) – 03:08 . 11.Steppin’ Out (L. C. Frazier) – 02:30 . 12.It Ain’T Right (Little Walter) – 02:45

Musicians : John Mayall – Lead Vocals, Piano, Hammond B3 Organ, Harmonica . Eric Clapton – Guitar, Lead Vocals On (10) . John Mcvie – Bass Guitar . Hughie Flint – Drums . Alan Skidmore – Tenor Saxophone . Johnny Almond – Baritone Saxophone . Derek Healey – Trumpet . The Bluesbreakers – Band

Production : Produced By Mike Vernon . Gus Dudgeon – Engineer . Bob Irwin – Mastering

Package : Neil Slaven – Liner Notes

Recorded In March 1966 At Decca Studios, West Hampstead, London, England.

Released On July 22, 1966 By Decca.

(Source John Mayall – Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton | Official John Mayall Website!)

The closest you could get to this album for overall sound would probably be what Clapton did with Cream and possibly Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. To be honest, there still really isn’t anything like it. […]
The bulk of the album maintains the quality one would expect from a record credited with launching the career of one of the most renown bluesman to ever live and while it’s reputation may precede it in some ways, it’s legacy gargantuan, it’s impact undeniable, this is undoubtedly one of the shining acheivements of the counter-cultureand a reference point for every guiatarist to ever bang out a I-V-IV chord progression. […]

..remains just about the defining argument as to why Clapton really was once, God.Eric’s pyrotechnics on “Steppin’ Out” still dazzle. While Mayall’s vocals are drenched in reverence for the material his essentially thin voice hasn’t worn quite so well. However on “Parchman Farm” his rasp is gutsy as hell. […]


John Mayall‘s ‘Blues Breakers’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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