Abstract Logix publish ‘The Boston Record’ by John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension (2014)

‘The Boston Record’ by John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension is a live album recorded on June 22, 2013 at Berklee College of Music and released on March 18, 2014 by Abstract Logix.

Track Listing : 1.Raju (John Mclaughlin) – 08:35 . 2.Little Miss Valley (John Mclaughlin) – 09:21 . 3.Abbaji (John Mclaughlin) – 06:53 . 4.Echoes From Then (John Mclaughlin) – 08:15 . 5.Senor C.S. (John Mclaughlin) – 02:49 . 6.Call And Answer (John Mclaughlin) – 09:17 . 7.Hijacked (John Mclaughlin) – 04:56 . 8.Maharina (John Mclaughlin) – 06:45 . 9.You Know You Know (John Mclaughlin) – 06:10

Musicians : John Mclaughlin – Guitar . Gary Husband – Keyboards, Drums . Etienne Mbappe – Bass . Ranjit Barot – Drums

Production : Produced By John Mclaughlin

Recorded Summer 2013 At Berklee College Of Music.

Released March 18, 2014 By Abstract Logix.


The Grateful Web
Devotes in the U.S. know how rare it can be to catch McLaughlin live in concert, and for those who haven’t heard the 4th Dimension live, this is their perfect door of accessibility. Cross your fingers for an extensive U.S. tour and in the meanwhile sink you teeth into what will probably be the most important live jazz release of the year. […]

Then’. ‘Señor C.S’, surely a tribute to McLaughlin’s Love Devotion Surrender collaborator Carlos Santana more than 40 years on from their groundbreaking collaboration, is short and very poignant, a beautiful touch; and next track ‘Call & Answer’ is a blast, really fast drumming and some of Husband’s best pianism … […]

All About Jazz
It’s the first time McLaughlin has looked back to the group that broke his career, but it’s more than a piece of nostalgia; it demonstrates that his music is, indeed, timeless—sounding as fresh today as it did 43 years ago. […]


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