John McLaughlin releases his second album : ‘Devotion’ (1970)

John McLaughlin‘s ‘Devotion’ is his second album recorded with Buddy Miles, Larry Young and Billy Rich and released in September 1970 by Douglas Records.

Track Listing : 1.Devotion (John McLaughlin) – 11:25 . 2.Dragon Song (John McLaughlin) – 04:13 . 3.Marbles (John McLaughlin) – 04:05 . 4.Siren (John McLaughlin) – 05:55 . 5.Don’T Let The Dragon Eat Your Mother (John McLaughlin) – 05:18 . 6.Purpose Of When (John McLaughlin) – 04:45

Musicians : John McLaughlin – Electric Guitar . Buddy Miles – Drums, Percussion . Larry Young – Organ, Electric Piano . Billy Rich – Bass Guitar

Production : Produced By Alan Douglas, Stefan Brigh

Package : William Hogeland – Liner Notes

Recorded In February 1970 At Record Plant Studios, New York City.

Released In September 1970 By Douglas Records.

(Source John McLaughlin‘s ‘Devotion’ | Official Site)

John McLaughlin

The mix is mesmerizing. McLaughlin is testing sonic barriers. Young is doing a good job of that as well. Buddy Miles just pounds away. A false ending leads to a kick-ass rock assault that is lost in a groove. Any McLaughlin fan who does not own this music should be put to bed without supper. […]

All About Jazz
Despite this obvious problemand the fact Douglas paid McLaughlin only $2,000 to record both Devotion and My Goal’s Beyond , this album is chock full of wonderfully ominous riffs and sounds. Devotion is an overlooked landmark album. […]

If you think that McLaughlin’s solo at the end of Right Off (from A Tribute to Jack Johnson) is one of the high points of his career, then this is the album for you. […]


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