John McLaughlin records ‘Extrapolation,’ his debut album for Marmalade Records (1969)

John McLaughlin‘s ‘Extrapolation’ is his debut album recorded on January 18, 1969 and released In 1969 by Marmalade Records.

Track Listing : 1.Extrapolation (John McLaughlin) – 02:57 . 2.It’S Funny (John McLaughlin) – 04:25 . 3.Arjen’S Bag (John McLaughlin) – 04:25 . 4.Pete The Poet (John McLaughlin) – 05:00 . 5.This Is For Us To Share (John McLaughlin) – 03:30 . 6.Spectrum (John McLaughlin) – 02:45 . 7.Binky’S Beam (John McLaughlin) – 07:05 . 8.Really You Know (John McLaughlin) – 04:25 . 9.Two For Two (John McLaughlin) – 03:35 . 10.Peace Piece (John McLaughlin) – 01:50

Musicians : John McLaughlin – Guitar . Brian Odgers – Bass . Tony Oxley – Drums . John Surman – Baritone And Soprano Saxophones

Production : Produced By Giorgio Gomelsky Eddy Offord – Engineer

Package : Howard Mandel – Liner Notes

Recorded On January 18, 1969 At Advision Studios In London.

Released In 1969 By Marmalade Records.

(Source John McLaughlin – Extrapolation | Official Site)

John McLaughlin


All About Jazz
This quartet blazes through McLaughlin’s JAZZ-blues-rock compositions and forms a hodge-podge of restless rhythms and irresistible hooks. […]
The guitarist’s characteristic rushes of notes, effective use of spaceand richly chorded passages were to be among his trademarks from here on out. Surman’s swaggering baritone with its thick, rough-edged tone makes quite an impression as well. […]
Free jazz influences are heard throughout Surman’s sax playingand McLaughlin’s guitar style isn’t safe either. But there’s nothing on Extrapolation I would really call free jazz all through, it’s in the edge I’d say, so fans of John and of post-bop can handle this album easily. […]


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