Douglas Records publish John McLaughlin’s ‘My Goal’s Beyond,’ his third solo album (1971)

John McLaughlin‘s ‘My Goal’s Beyond’ is his third solo album dedicated to Indian guru Sri Chinmoy, his spiritual leade aAnd released in June 1971 by Douglas Records.


Douglas Records publish John McLaughlin’s ‘My Goal’s Beyond,’ his third solo album (1971)

1 . Goodbye, Pork Pie Hat

2 . Goodbye, Pork Pie Hat (w/ Jonas Hellborg)

3 . Blue In Green

4 . Blue In Green (Chicago)

Track Listing : 1.Peace One (John Mclaughlin) – 07:18 . 2.Peace Two (John Mclaughlin) – 12:15 . 3.Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Charles Mingus) – 03:20 . 4.Something Spiritual (Dave Herman) – 03:29 . 5.Hearts And Flowers (Theodore Moses Tobani) – 02:10 . 6.Phillip Lane (John Mclaughlin) – 02:36 . 7.Waltz For Bill Evans (Chick Corea) – 02:01 . 8.Follow Your Heart (John Mclaughlin) – 03:19 . 9.Song For My Mother (John Mclaughlin) – 02:34 . 10.Blue In Green (Miles Davis) – 02:38

Musicians : John Mclaughlin – Acoustic Guitar . Billy Cobham – Drums . Charlie Haden – Bass . Jerry Goodman – Violin . Dave Liebman – Flute, Soprano Saxophone . Airto Moreira – Percussion . Badal Roy – Tabla . Mahalakshmi (Eve Mclaughlin) – Tanpura (Indian Drone Instrument)

Production : Produced By John Mclaughlin . Bobby Cornford

Arrangements : Bobby Cornford

Package : Hugh Brown – Photography . Sri Chinmoy – Liner Notes . Ross Firestone – Text . Ashok Chris Poisson – Artwork . J.E. Tully – Artwork

Recorded In March 1971 At A Studio In New York City.

Released In June 1971 By Douglas Records.

(Source John McLaughlin – My Goal’s Beyond | Official Site)


Sound Colour Vibration ·
With the inclusion of standards, covers and his own pieces, this section of the recording is a nod to the past, reflection of the now and window of what was to come during the next decade. The first song is a cover from none other than bass phenom and extraordinaire Charles Mingus and his standard ‘Goodbye Pork Pie Hat’. […]

Jazzbo Notes
What is the value of My Goals Beyond? It has certainly inspired many acoustic guitar albums since, but Peace One and Peace Two stand as unique accomplishments in the jazz canon. I don’t think anyone has seriously even tried to imitate them. […]


John McLaughlin‘s ‘My Goal’s Beyond’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]



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