John Medeski – A Different Time

Released on April 8, 2013, ‘A Different Time’ is a 41-minute John Medeski’s solo piano debut recorded using a seven-foot, 1925 French Gaveau piano.


John Medeski – A Different Time

Track Listing : 1.A Different Time (John Medeski) – 04:32 . 2.I’M Falling In Love Again (Willie Nelson) – 05:43 . 3.His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Charles Gabriel / Sivilla Martin) – 06:18 . 4.Ran (John Medeski) – 01:53 . 5.Graveyard Fields (John Medeski) – 06:06 . 6.Luz Marina (John Medeski) – 05:34 . 7.Waiting At The Gate (John Medeski) – 02:30 . 8.Lacrima (John Medeski) – 03:54 . 9.Otis (John Medeski) – 04:58

Musicians : John Medeski – Piano

Production : Produced By John Medeski . Henry Hirsch – Engineer, Mixing . Nathan James – Mastering

Package : Carly Margolis – Package Design . Philippe Garnier – Photography

Recorded 2013.

Released On April 8, 2013 By Okeh Records.

(Source A Different Time John Medeski | Official Site)



Something Else! Reviews.
Boy, is it ever. From the setting to the instrument to the very label it’s appearing on, John Medeski’s aptly named forthcoming album speaks to a different time — a time long, long before his more recent genre-melting experiments with the likes of Martin Medeski and Wood and Spectrum Road.

A Different Time is a solo piano album, and a rather somber one at that. Medeski’s dynamic range never peaks above the tame, mild cocktail happy hours of neighborhoods long deserted by young hooligans who crave a major-tight organ solo

The Huffington Post
A Different Time: A Conversation with John Medeski, Chatting with 2Cellos, and Thom Chacon’s “Chasing The Pain” ExclusiveAs a kid I played for cocktail hours, dinners, receptions. That’s what you do as a piano player. Solo is just a normal part of the piano player’s life.




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