John Patitucci – Brooklyn

Released on May 12, 2015, “Brooklyn” is an album by John Patitucci Electric Guitar Quartet with Brian Blade on drums and Adam Rogers and Steve Cardenas on electric guitars.


John Patitucci - Brooklyn

All About Jazz
For this album, Patitucci returned to the scene(s) of his youth, literally and figuratively. He works exclusively with electric bass here, since that was the instrument for Patitucci when he started; the project was recorded at The Bunker, a studio located in Brooklyn…. […]

The piece, somehow simultaneously taut and airy, showcases Patitucci’s contrapuntal writing for the guitars with melodies that weave and coil around one another. It also bears a trace of influence from the West African music that Patitucci loves and studies,.. […]

Chicago Reader
It’s one the airiest, most swinging pieces on the album, with superb multilinear improvising from both guitarists. The album is heavy with original pieces from Patitucci: “Band of Brothers” is kind of a loose funk jam that wouldn’t sound out of place on one of John Scofield‘s recent jam-band efforts… […]




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