Johnny Winter records his third album : ‘Second Winter’ for Columbia (1969)

Johnny Winter‘s ‘Second Winter’ is his third studio album recorded on July 19–22 and August 8–12, 1969 and released as a ‘three-sided’ LP, the fourth side being blank vinyl on October 27, 1969 by Columbia.


Johnny Winter records his third album : ‘Second Winter’ for Columbia (1969)

Track Listing : 1.Memory Pain (Percy Mayfield) – 05:34 . 2.I’M Not Sure (Johnny Winter) – 05:23 . 3.The Good Love (Dennis Collins) – 04:43 . 4.Slippin’ And Slidin’ (Eddie Bocage, Albert Collins, Little Richard, James Smith) – 02:47 . 5.Miss Ann (Enotris Johnson, Little Richard) – 03:42 . 6.Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry) – 02:49 . 7.Highway 61 Revisited (Bob Dylan) – 05:07 . 8.I Love Everybody (Johnny Winter) – 03:44 . 9.Hustled Down In Texas (Johnny Winter) – 03:32 . 10.I Hate Everybody (Johnny Winter) – 02:33 . 11.Fast Life Rider (Johnny Winter) – 07:00

Richard Avedon

Musicians : Johnny Winter – Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals . Edgar Winter – Keyboards, Alto Saxophone, Vocals . Uncle John Turner – Percussion . Tommy Shannon – Bass . Dennis Collins – Bass

Production : Produced By Johnny Winter Ed Kollis – Engineer

Package : Tony Lane – Design . Richard Avedon asterisques RVM – Photography

Recorded On July 19–22 And August 8–12, 1969 At A Studio In Nashville, Tn.

Released On October 27, 1969 By Columbia.

(Source Johnny Winter‘s ‘Second Winter’ | The Official Johnny Winter Site)


This is a must-have album for every blues fan. Classics like “I’m Not So Sure,” “Highway 61 Revisited,” and the definitive version of the oft-covered “Johnny B Goode” are staples of a bluesman whose career has touched and/or influenced many of the greats. […]

Dark_Elf @ RateYourMusic
Yes, it was a three-sided album (yup, the fourth side was left intentionally blank), but damn if it aint one of the best three-sided albums in existence! Of course, I can’t name many three-sided albums, but you get my point, or rather you will once you crank up “Second Winter“. […]
Second Winter was the artist’s sophomore effortand lemme tell ya, it rocks the house! With brother Edgar and a band that included future Double Trouble member Tommy Shannon, Winter ran through a selection of bluesy originals that were complimented by covers of Little Richardand Chuck Berry. […]


Johnny Winter‘s ‘Second Winter’



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