Jolly Joikers

Featuring Mari Boine . It šat duolmma mu . Live in Kirkenes . Traditional Joik Concert . Jåmpa Joik . Wenche Myhre . Shaman . Odda Mailbmi . Annikin Runofestivaali . Wimme . Jojkpolska . Jan Garbarek . Gula Gula . Iellem le

Jolly Joikers

Finnish Music Information Centre : The special nature of the yoik will become most apparent to you on trying to repeat a simple, harmonious-sounding yoik melody you have just heard. You will be astonished to find that you cannot get beyond the first few notes.

Wimme : Shamanistic chant meets modern soundscapes. Wimme Saari is a Sámi joik singer; a traditional chant style that has certain elements in common with Native American music, most importantly a reverence for the earth and the elements.

Green Man Review : Ulla Pirttijärvi has all the heart. True, she does use more modern instruments, bringing in synthesizer, and a very noticeable saxophone, among others, to support the yoik, in spite of its origin as an a cappella style. But the songs here, all original to Ulla, wake as wide a range of emotions as they do images in the mind.

Transjoik : Frode is a freelance musician and composer who lives in Trondheim, Norway. His Sami roots stem from Røros where his family still work as traditional reindeer herders.

All About Jazz : Sáivu is the first release by Norwegian Sami musician Torgeir Vassvik, who combines elements from the ancient, shamanistic joik singing of the Samis of northern Scandinavia with Siberian throat-singing and modern soundsacapes. Vassvik has also composed music for theater, including a production of Henrik Ibsen’s On the Heights, and films.

Angelit : Angelit come from the village of Angeli in the municipality of Inari, one of the few purely Sámi villages in Northern Finland. better known as Lapland. The entire population of Angeli are native speakers of Sámi. They make their living mainly by reindeer husbandry. The nearest shop is 70 kilometres away.

Sofia Jannok : Sofia was born in 1982 and comes from Gällivare in the top of Sweden. She has always been singing and when she was about 11 years old she stepped onto the stage. Since that day she has been performing a lot with her music and also taken part in CD’s, music for film and TV, musicals and other nice events.

Geir Lysne : Geir Lysne is educated from the “Norwegian Academy of Music’, with jazz saxophone and composition as main subjects. In 2006 ‘Boahjenásti’ won the German critics award, and was nominated to ‘Danish Music Award Jazz’ as well.

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