Jon Batiste and Stay Human – Social Music

“Social Music” is an album by Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

Track Listing : 1.D-Flat Movement I (Jon Batiste) – 02:55 . 2.Let God Lead (Jon Batiste, Jennifer Sanon) – 03:36 . 3.Express Yourself (Say Yes) (Eddie Barbash, Jon Batiste, Austin Bisnow, Ibanda Ruhumbika, Joe Saylor) – 02:49 . 4.The Jazz Man Speaks (Maple Leaf Rag) (Scott Joplin) – 01:20 . 5.Lonely Cry In Manhattan (Eddie Barbash, Jon Batiste) – 01:47 . 6.San Spirito (Jon Batiste) – 05:09 . 7.St. James Imfirmary (Irving Mills) – 05:27 . 8.Naima’S Love Song (John Hicks) – 03:26 . 9.It’S Alright (Why You Gotta) (Jon Batiste) – 04:01 . 10.Express Yourself [Outro] (Eddie Barbash, Jon Batiste, Austin Bisnow, Charles Prevost, Ibanda Ruhumbika, Joe Saylor) – 00:33 . 11.The Spirit Is With Us (Jon Batiste) – 03:22 . 12.Star Spangled Banner (John Stafford Smith) – 02:53

Musicians : Stay Human – Band . Jon Batiste – Percussion, Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals . Eddie Barbash – Sax (Alto), Vocals . Philip Kuehn – Double Bass . Ibanda Ruhumbika – Trombone, Tuba . Joe Saylor – Drums, Tambourine

Production : Produced By Jon Batiste , Jeff Jones “The Jedi Master” . Richard Hilton – Engineer, Pre-Mixing . Frank Lopez – Engineer, Pre-Mixing . Evan Manners – Engineer, Pre-Mixing . Jeff Jones “The Jedi Master” – Mastering, Mixing . Matt Mccorkle – Engineer, Pre-Mixing . Aki Nishimura – Engineer, Pre-Mixing . Lezzie Pappaillion – Engineer, Pre-Mixing . Charles Prevost – Engineer, Pre-Mixing . Edgar Tejada – Engineer, Pre-Mixing . Yoichi Yamamoto – Engineer, Pre-Mixing

Package : Jon Batiste – Liner Notes . Christine Jean Chambers – Photography . Celeste Diamond Li – Logo Design . Peter Lueders – Photography

Recorded 2013.

ReleasedOn October 15, 2013 By Razor & Tie.

(Source Jon Batiste | Official Site )



Batiste has long been known for his versatility. The cuts on Social Music play like a book of short stories. They each boast different themes, yet are obviously written by the same author or, in the case of this album, created by the same musician.

Revivalist Exclusive: Jon Batiste & The Rise Of Social Music So the concept of bringing all of these musical genres and traditions into this blend is to bring as many people into the fold as we can. There’s a spirit of inclusiveness. If you don’t like jazz but you like rock or whatever there will still be something in it for you.

Jon Batiste Talks ‘Social Music’“The Harmonaboard [Melodica] is something I love. It’s not a piano by any means. It’s portable enough to work out ideas and figure out melodies so I like to have that with me wherever I go”




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