Reprise publish Joni Mitchell’s second album : ‘Clouds’ featuring ‘Both Sides, Now’ (1969)

Joni Mitchell‘s ‘Clouds’ is her second studio album released (with a self-portrait on its cover) on May 1, 1969 by Reprise.


Reprise publish Joni Mitchell’s second album : ‘Clouds’ featuring ‘Both Sides, Now’ (1969)

Track Listing : 1.Tin Angel (Joni Mitchell) – 04:09 . 2.Chelsea Morning (Joni Mitchell) – 02:35 . 3.I Don’T Know Where I Stand (Joni Mitchell) – 03:13 . 4.That Song About The Midway (Joni Mitchell) – 04:38 . 5.Roses Blue (Joni Mitchell) – 03:52 . 6.The Gallery (Joni Mitchell) – 04:12 . 7.I Think I Understand (Joni Mitchell) – 04:28 . 8.Songs To Aging Children Come (Joni Mitchell) – 03:10 . 9.The Fiddle And The Drum (Joni Mitchell) – 02:50 . 10.Both Sides, Now (Joni Mitchell) – 04:32

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Musicians : Joni Mitchell – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals . Stephen Stills – Bass, Guitar

Production : Produced By Joni Mitchell, Paul A. Rothchild Henry Lewy – Engineer

Package : Joni Mitchell painter – Cover Art . Ed Thrasher – Art Direction

Recorded In 1968 – 1969 At A&M Studios.

Released On May 1, 1969 By Reprise.

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Joni Mitchell Albums From Worst To BestMitchell’s second album was a major leap forward, with a new emphasis on rhythm, sophisticated arrangements, elaborate harmonies and complex, unusual chord voicings. In other words, the “Joni Mitchell sound” as we know it begins here. […]

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Even less instrumentation here, almost everything just acoustic guitar and singing–showcasing a bunch of brilliant songs (“That Song About The Midway,” “I Don’t Know Where I Stand”) and her own versions of the Judy Collins-recorded “Chelsea Morning” (Chelsea Clinton was named for Judy’s version, not Joni’s) […]

Lyrically, she was transitioning from the era’s de facto hippie sensualism (colors! the weather! vibes!) to the classically prosodic style (Keats! Cohen!) she’d become known for. […]

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