Joni Mitchell releases her nineteenth and final album : ‘Shine’ (2007)

Joni Mitchell‘s ‘Shine’ is her nineteenth and final (and her first album of new songs in nine years ) studio album, released on September 25, 2007 by Hear Music.


Joni Mitchell releases her nineteenth and final album : ‘Shine’ (2007)

1 . Shine EPK

2 . Hana (w/ Joni Mitchell)

Track Listing : 1.One Week Last Summer (Joni Mitchell) – 04:59 . 2.This Place (Joni Mitchell) – 03:54 . 3.If I Had A Heart (Joni Mitchell) – 04:03 . 4.Hana (Joni Mitchell) – 03:42 . 5.Bad Dreams (Joni Mitchell) – 05:40 . 6.Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell) – 02:46 . 7.Night Of The Iguana (Joni Mitchell) – 04:36 . 8.strong And Wrong (Joni Mitchell) – 04:02 . 9.Shine (Joni Mitchell) – 07:28 . 10.If (Joni Mitchell) – 05:32

Musicians : Joni Mitchell – Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals . Brian Blade – Drums . Paulinho Da Costa – Percussion . Larry Klein – Bass, Guitar (Bass) . Greg Leisz – Pedal Steel, Pedal Steel Guitar . Bob Sheppard – Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano) . James Taylor – Guitar (Acoustic)

Production : Produced By Joni Mitchell . Dan Marnien – Engineer . Chris Marshall – Audio Engineer, Engineer . Joshua Blanchard – Audio Engineer, Engineer . Bernie Grundman – Mastering

Package : Robbie Cavolina – Art Direction . Joni Mitchell – Art Direction, Package Design . Charles ‘Chilly Dog’ Hope – Photography . Clay Stang – Photography

Recorded 2006-2007.

Released On September 25, 2007 By Hear Music.

(Source Joni Mitchell – Shine | The Official Website of Joni Mitchell)

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The Guardian
Ultimately, that’s a minor quibble in the face of a strange, intoxicating and unsettling album, idiosyncratic enough to make you glad Joni Mitchell put her retirement on hold. Shine is an album worth spoiling the greatest flounce-out in rock history for. […]
Presumably, one of the things that inspired Mitchell to return to music was the political landscape, as many of the songs comment on current affairs. These tunes seem to come from a place less of protest than sadness and exasperation. […]

George Graham
This recording is an interesting one, as I said, definitely on her own terms. Most of the instrumentation on it is created by Ms. Mitchell herself, with synthesizers that sound as if they came out of the 1980sand perhaps they did, lamely imitating strings and horns […]


Joni Mitchell releases her nineteenth and final album : ‘Shine’ (2007)


Joni Mitchell releases her nineteenth and final album : ‘Shine’ (2007)


Joni Mitchell‘s ‘Shine’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]M


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